Andrea Serra by Alisson Marks

He’s not a professional model, but he has a jaw dropped looks, masculine alpha male Andrea Serra has 107K followers on his Instagram and photographer Alisson Marks couldn’t resist capture in iconic images. Thanks Alisson!!!

Iccaro Pereira by Wong Sim

Sometimes we just need inspirational source like this. He’s Iccaro Pereira posing in stunning portrait captured by talented Wong Sim.

Rudy Bundini by Thomas Synnamon

Starting a new month we’d like to re-post material from photographer Thomas Synnamon featuring model Rudy Bundini for Adon Magazine. Intimate and motivational portrait.

Adam Badash shot by Ruben Tomas

Fashionably Male welcomes gloriously dashing Israeli professional model, Adam Badash, to their Men’s board. Shot captures by Ruben Tomas.

Rodrigo, Ali and Gabriel by Santy Calalay

“Sly” is the new story of photographer Santy Calalay featuring new comers Rodrigo, Ali and Gabriel of Main Model Management working all in New Manila. These lads are styling by Willar Mateo and Jonard Palteng and Grooming by Elle Lubigan.

Az Respes by Ivan Sanchez

Private portrait with dashing newcomer Az Respes shot by Ivan Sanchez promoting his clothing line Etnos by Ivan Sanchez.

Introducing Roland by Frank Magill

Introducing Berlin based fitness male model Roland Klarwetter a really cute guy posing around in this portrait captured by photographer Frank Magill.

Furkan Tan for ADON

Model Furkan Tan posing for the lensman Hayden Su the new work recently published for ADON Magazine. Furkan is a college student studying Interior Design in LA. He’s got gorgeous look and attractive personality.

Rise and Shine: Richie Kul by Wendy Loke

Rise and Shine: Richie Kul by Wendy Loke recently shot at Hong Kong, Richie looking amazing in garments ES Collection, Tani, Polo Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.


If you ever pose your body for Photographer Matthew Mitchell he will treat you right this way. Making an intimate portrait, finding true definition and highlighting your best assets. Featuring male model Calix Quan.

Meet this gorgeous Tom Polson by Trent Pace

I have to tell you that, even though this is a great work by photographer Trent Pace, featuring hunk male model Tom Polson for the first time in Fashionably Male, is very inspirational and motivational. BW shots are fierce!


What a guy do in the Morning after …? Well, as you can see in the new private and intimate session with muscle male model Dario Candrlic, the tanning model posing for Srdjan Sveljo in new bed theme series.

Alex G. Merlos by Himsight Photography

Hey hold on and take a look of this, stunning portrait with male model Alex G. Merlos by Himsight Photography. Swimwear is by Charlie by MZ. Motivational and inspirational snaps Alex possess a really tone physics.


“A Greek God comes alive” beautiful stunner Nikos Papadopoulos by Konstantinos Lepouris, a Creative idea by Director Raftopoulos Argiris. wearing clothes and accessories by Mike Sparopoulos and grooming by Grigoris Panagiotou.


Drop dead gorgeous model face Austin Palao at the Icon Mgt strikes a pose in a beautiful background at Peru for the Peruvian Series photographed by Mladen Blagojevic.

Joe Putignano by Lucas Ferrier

I want to introduce you Joe Putignano in a photography by Lucas Ferrier, the stunner builds up his portfolio with a showstopping new session in black and white.


I think this is the right time to exploring about having a good and a dark side in yourself.This stunning work entitled “Angel and Archangel” by Kiet Thai it’s about your good self battling the demons inside of you all showcased in fog, finding your self and obviously we have pecs, and abs by model Jimaye Nguyen.

Modus Vivendi – Christmas campaign by Tom Cullis

Underwear and menswear brand Modus Vivendi is getting everyone in the Christmas mood with a new, limited edition line of underwear and a very special campaign! The brand’s best-selling underwear designs, such as the ‘Boost’ and classic-styled boxers, briefs, backless briefs and jocks, have been re-released in limited numbers and very special colour combinations: festive red, pure white and vibrant tartan prints. You can find them all in the brand’s Christmas line.
The Christmas line is presented in a series of quite amazing photos by renowned photographer Tom Cullis. Positive Christmas spirit is provided by model Patric John, who poses in these limited edition underwear designs in uplifting, festive mood.

French Firefighters Release Charity Calendar 2016, Fire Risk Rises Across France

French fashion photographer Fred Goudon released a steamy 2016 charity calendar featuring nearly naked French firefighters. The money raised will be given to the NGO charity Pompiers Sans Frontières, a French organization that provides humanitarian aid.
“For me and for many others, firefighters are heroes. Every single day, these guys are out there saving people’s lives,” Goudon told The Local. “And they’re all so nice, so strong… and you can see it in the pictures that there is a kind of pride in them that others don’t have.”
The photographer spent 1 year on this project, and, to say the least, it’s a year well spent!


Look who’s back and looks so so sexy and adorable, he’s Laurence Hines, laying in bed, with that melting smile and sexy eyes, is he waiting for us? Fortunately we run this stunning work by photographer Cody Kinsfather who did a remarkable work.

Ant Barnes For Croota Underwear by Calvin Brockington

Oh Yeah we want to present this work by photographer Calvin Brockington with model Ant Barnes for Croota Underwear. This is the last set before he moves to Miami Beach. We wish you all good this coming year CB!


All we want is a ho-ho-hot Xmas, introducing an exclusive Christmas theme shot with 3 stunners first the sexy Daniel Sisniega from Contempo Models, and hotties Rey Ocando & Jonathan Clark by BANG! Management captured by talented Luis de la Luz, with M&H by Gio Lozano and Production & Assistant by Eric Rivera.


Ravishing up and comer Milos Margan catches up in so many outfits with talented fashionista and social guru and also DJ Srdjan Sveljo for a showstopping portrait series.

Mario Adrion by Paul dela Merced

Was pleasantly surprised by this on the Thursday , open up your eyes and see this beauty Mario Adrion posing in speedos for the new captures taken by Paul de la Merced.


Dark captures by photographer Ángel Ruiz presenting Gian Sofa. Ángel explores masculinity in softly touch capturing every single angle of the male form and manhood essentials, like no ones can.

Anderson Dias by Marcio Farias

Hottie stud Anderson Dias from 40 Graus models clicked by Marcio Farias. Assisted by Ricardo Nogueira with a production by Alex Mallet.


This is “Boys from Berlin” by photographer Laurent Machet Paris based lensman who always pic his muses youth in bloom. Boys are Nick Androbik (Modelfabrik) and Maximilian Sänger.


Ok, this is seriously a real stunning hunk model Kelvis Viera from The Icon Mgmt snapped by Tino Vargas, Kelvis is a Venezuelan hottie who is based in Lima.

‘Static’ by James C. Lewis

This latest model is another one that James C. Lewis captured while on his last trip in New York. His name is Leon Joseph and he’s a New York native. Leon is a 6’3 personal trainer, model and actor who is looking to one day break into the industry BIG!! The spread is entitled STATIC.


“Paint It Black” photography by Pavel Denisenko and styled by Colin Anderson hunk male model Diogo Castro Gomes (Wilhelmina NY) posing so so freaking sexy. Grooming by Sofi Chernyak.


Flashy, glam true color guys “Milky Way” in the new work of Nestors Photography, featuring Bobby Suarez of Modelogic Midwest /Sir Models NYC & Zakar Twins. Styling/ Fashion by Randall Hill.

Thiago Zanini photographed by Laercio Luz

Now let’s talk about of the work of photographer Laercio Luz who captured this stunning hunk Brazilian Thiago Zanini, this photo shoot took place in photographer’s studio in the city of Sao Paulo, Laercio learned photography in California (Bay Area) and Chicago. Now he’s living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Vinicius Gomes shot by Binho Dutra

Super fit Brazilian model Vinicius Gomes connects with photographer Binho Dutra for a showstopping new session shot at Rio de Janeiro.


Super fit Canadian model Sam Wiles connects with photographer Lucas Ferrier for a showstopping new hot session shot in studio, styled by beloved friend Kai Jankovic.

Erik Ramos by Chris Femat for Fashionably Male

Surprisingly new work by photographer Chris Femat with fitness male model Erik Ramos starring “My Scape” an exclusive material for Fashionably Male. Erik a real Mexican adonis with a perfect glow skin is modeling some pieces from Gus de la Cruz Menswear. He’s signed by JCB Fashion Agency.