Ensayo 42: Cristóbal (Classic Leather)

René de la Cruz and muse Cristobal Fuentes created an intimate connection to shot together “Ensayo 42: Cristóbal (Classic Leather)” another artistic project from the photographer based in Chile.


Editorial ‘Midnight Ritual’ that was recently featured in Vulkan Magazine. The model is the handsome Jabel Balbuena from Wilhelmina Models Miami, and photography by talented Alex Jackson.


Every single shot is carefully captured by photographer Jeremy Holden featuring male model Justin Hilton styled by Paul dela Merced in this suggesting hot title “Fever”. Apparel consisted of a variety of brands ranging from ZARA, H&M to Prada, Givenchy & Saint Laurent. Exploring creativity and sexiness in full color and sensualism in black and white shots. Take a good look and admire them.


Iconic artsy images from Moscow based photographer Alex Yocu starring three Russian models and professional dancers: Artem Gerasimov, Ygor Sharoyko and Alexey Kots, dancing with their body, performing aesthetic figures capturing in the best angle of every inch skin.


“HELLODAY” take a moment and breath before watch this incredible new images by fashionista and photographer Srdjan Sveljo with Devian a new muse for morning theme. Post Production by Mina Delic.


I.C.U. everytime that comes work from Antoni d’Esterre we all going crazy…. All eyes are on Ehrard Vermaak of South Africa in this new photo series by the Hong Kong based photographer Antoni d’Esterre Darby-Dowman.

Rudy Bundini by Thomas Synnamon

Starting a new month we’d like to re-post material from photographer Thomas Synnamon featuring model Rudy Bundini for Adon Magazine. Intimate and motivational portrait.

Introducing Roland by Frank Magill

Introducing Berlin based fitness male model Roland Klarwetter a really cute guy posing around in this portrait captured by photographer Frank Magill.


What a guy do in the Morning after …? Well, as you can see in the new private and intimate session with muscle male model Dario Candrlic, the tanning model posing for Srdjan Sveljo in new bed theme series.

Joe Putignano by Lucas Ferrier

I want to introduce you Joe Putignano in a photography by Lucas Ferrier, the stunner builds up his portfolio with a showstopping new session in black and white.


I think this is the right time to exploring about having a good and a dark side in yourself.This stunning work entitled “Angel and Archangel” by Kiet Thai it’s about your good self battling the demons inside of you all showcased in fog, finding your self and obviously we have pecs, and abs by model Jimaye Nguyen.

French Firefighters Release Charity Calendar 2016, Fire Risk Rises Across France

French fashion photographer Fred Goudon released a steamy 2016 charity calendar featuring nearly naked French firefighters. The money raised will be given to the NGO charity Pompiers Sans Frontières, a French organization that provides humanitarian aid.
“For me and for many others, firefighters are heroes. Every single day, these guys are out there saving people’s lives,” Goudon told The Local. “And they’re all so nice, so strong… and you can see it in the pictures that there is a kind of pride in them that others don’t have.”
The photographer spent 1 year on this project, and, to say the least, it’s a year well spent!


Brian Atwood sells shoes with hot nude male models Chad White, Walter Savage, Gonçalo Teixeira, Jack Tyerman, Sahib Faber, Aurélien Muller and Adam Nicklas styled by Marco Braga & Giuliano Federico and shot by Tony Duran in a $150 book called “Pumped”.

Mario Adrion by Paul dela Merced

Was pleasantly surprised by this on the Thursday , open up your eyes and see this beauty Mario Adrion posing in speedos for the new captures taken by Paul de la Merced.


Dark captures by photographer Ángel Ruiz presenting Gian Sofa. Ángel explores masculinity in softly touch capturing every single angle of the male form and manhood essentials, like no ones can.


Latest series called “Bareskinned” exposing in Fashionably Male in a photography and Art Direction by Stavros Christodoulou featuring muse Kenny McKenzy


“Naked Ibiza,” an incredible, large scale photography book, was recently announced by renowned photographer Dylan Rosser.


Story “Endless Summer” that Kamera Addikt shot with Trevor Olson and Robert Kressin from New York Model Management for Elegant Magazine, Men #4, November Issue.

‘Static’ by James C. Lewis

This latest model is another one that James C. Lewis captured while on his last trip in New York. His name is Leon Joseph and he’s a New York native. Leon is a 6’3 personal trainer, model and actor who is looking to one day break into the industry BIG!! The spread is entitled STATIC.

Thiago Zanini photographed by Laercio Luz

Now let’s talk about of the work of photographer Laercio Luz who captured this stunning hunk Brazilian Thiago Zanini, this photo shoot took place in photographer’s studio in the city of Sao Paulo, Laercio learned photography in California (Bay Area) and Chicago. Now he’s living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Soul Man: Javier Olmeda by Eduardo Peris

Please experience this stunning nudart intimate photography by Spanish lensman Eduardo Peris featuring Javier Olmeda in “Soul Man” a see-through shots lighting the male figure of this hunk.

Vinicius Gomes shot by Binho Dutra

Super fit Brazilian model Vinicius Gomes connects with photographer Binho Dutra for a showstopping new session shot at Rio de Janeiro.


Super fit Canadian model Sam Wiles connects with photographer Lucas Ferrier for a showstopping new hot session shot in studio, styled by beloved friend Kai Jankovic.

Erik Ramos by Chris Femat for Fashionably Male

Surprisingly new work by photographer Chris Femat with fitness male model Erik Ramos starring “My Scape” an exclusive material for Fashionably Male. Erik a real Mexican adonis with a perfect glow skin is modeling some pieces from Gus de la Cruz Menswear. He’s signed by JCB Fashion Agency.


Beautiful dynamic fluorescent session entitled YAGÉ shot by Charles Quiles with Kim David Smith posing nude for this artistic session is like you can studying the body male form in different angles and scales.


RHAW In an Exclusive for Fashionably Male we presents dashing newcomer Cam Allison by talented Calvin Brockington, in “Rhaw” we can appreciate the beautiful aesthetic B/W session a beautiful natural toned body that Cam possess, he’s the new muse on board by Brockington. Cam is endearing with an endless charm as he poses for a personable portrait…

Fashionably Male presents Diego Martinez by Lidia Aparicio (NSFW)

This is a very special featuring not only because of the NSFW material, also to recognized all the efforts that Spanish model Diego Martinez has been doing through all the year. Connecting with photographer Lidia Aparicio Sales, a talented woman behind the lens, who Diego trust no matter what, this special featuring is the first…

Warwick Rowers 2015: Naked for You, Me, and Every LGBT

Warwick Rowers 2015: Naked for You, Me, and Every LGBT Our favorite naked athletes from across the pond are back! The UK’s Warwick Rowers bare it all again to fight homophobia as Sport Allies. Their 2015 erotic calendar, which features the rowers completely stripped, is available for $21. They offer a variety of packages (no…


Are you in Barcelona? Well if so you can not miss one of the most intense artistic experiences of the season presents the always great Michael Leal in the creative space ” Straight Fire “ at number 26 of the Parliament street of Sant Antoni, of Barcelona. This time, the work of Leal, ” MAD…

#NSFW Brian Shimansky by Luigi & Iango

Consists of the creative team of Luigi Murenu and Daniele Iango famous Fashion photographers shot completely nude Top Model Brian Shimansky. If exist the definition of Porno-Models (the famous Pornodel) Brian Shimansky is the perfect example! Basically he’s naked, but naked naked! With this clear example we closed the ideas behind and we can say welcome because nudity is…

Diego Martinez Sanchez by Eduardo Peris Castro

Smoke effects on photography is always fascinating and can gives a lot of drama on the capture. Spanish Photographer Eduardo Peris Castro connected with male model Diego Martinez Sanchez with a stunner male figure, Diego with a cigar in his hand and his beautiful body stars this professional essay.

Joseph Hammond photographed Jason Chipman Howlett

Reminded us to one of the most famous sculptures in bronze by Auguste Rodin “Le Penseur”; this a real true fine digital art photography by Joseph Hammond capture in a full artistic nude Professional Vine & Instagram Showoff and now model Jason Chipman Howlett.

Esposto by Juan Neira | Exclusive Featuring

Esposto by Juan Neira | Exclusive Featuring “Esposto” or Exposed was inspired by Nigel Barker’s “Raw” Exhibition. The exclusive featuring by photographer Juan Neira with male model Cole McNall and styled by Danny Viveros. We give a big applause to Juan Neira for this beautiful set in black and white, has clearly exceeded our expectations….

Kirill Dowidoff by Serge Lee Photography

Everybody got to see this the latest work with stunner male hunk sensation world wide Kirill Dowidoff by Serge Lee Photography. It was released a couple days and turn a medial social sensation all over the net, kindly Serge contacted us and shared with us. As we can appreciate Kirill is looking hotter than ever, even…


May I introduce you to the amazing photography by Ferry Van Der Nat. He is a master in his own class. Male photography and nudity are his themes. Ferry Van der Nat worked for many years in the fashion industry as a professional make-up artist and stylist for magazines like L’Official and Dutch Vogue, as…

#NSFW Benjamin Godfre by Jeremy Lucido

Raw and sexy, rebel without a cause, with #NSFW images promoting his hats collection the sexy and rude boy Benjamin Godfre is doing again with his co-buddy photographer Jeremy Lucido. DTLA photographer just created a hot new polaroid photo set that you must see! And get joy Benjamin‘s emailing list to see the full photo-set….


Celebrate man of the moment Jamie Dornan‘s 32nd birthday with us by revisiting the steaming hot and intimate series star photographers Mert and Marcus shot for Visionaire 52 PRIVATE. The issue, which contains many more stars uncovered, is still for sale here!  

Walter Delmar by David Wagner

Statuesque model / actor and DJ based in Los Angeles Walter Del Mar photographed by talented David Wagner. Splendid manly figure, sensual beauty of this model with passion. The perfection and attractiveness of Walter Delmar, charms erotic images for this #mondaymotivation. Model: Walter Delmar, www.modelmayhem.com/3133363Photographer: David Wagner, www.wagnerla.com

Walter Delmar shot by Artist Dan Pyle (NSFW)

Walter Delmar is an actor, model, producer, dj and gogo dancer.  More info at www.instagram.com/walterdelmar.   Walter is currently show running/producing Jonny McGoverns new web chat show “Hey Qween” with special guests Calpernia Addams, RuPaul, Detox & Alec Mapa. Now airing on www.thestream.tv Dan Pyle is a photo-realistic charcoal drawing artist of nudes and other subjects.  His…


“DESNUDO” BY DEON JACKSON PHOTOGRAPHY  “THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PORNOGRAPHY AND EROTICA IS LIGHTING”. ~GLORIA LEONARD. The famous and wanted Coffee Table Book from American Photographer Deon Jackson is finally released!!!!! Is a real joy and we know that many readers, and people who want to quench your view with completely naked masculine men without restrictions…


RESERVATIONS : PADDY O’BRIAN BY LANDIS SMITHERS A photo series on the last place we can be anonymous. the hotel room.  this series focuses on legendary provocateur, Paddy O’Brian,  in the St. Martin’s Lane Hotel, London, England. Photographed by Landis Smithers


THE DARK FASHION BY LUIS OLIVA FOTOGRAFIA Alicante based photographer Luis Oliva a Spanish gives us his latest work, a series of surreal images where The Male body is the protagonist of this beautiful work entitled “The Dark Fashion”. Starred by spanish hunk male model Dani Almonacil who has been styled and make up by Antonio…