Don’t Be Afraid To Try: Today I like to talk to you about accomplishing things on your own. When I was kid I remember my dad always hiring someone for everything. It amazed me as a kid because he was a very talented guy he could do alot of things even cook! but in his eyes I think he felt he wasn’t capable. As … I grew up I started following in his footsteps. I found myself hiring help for alot of things until one day I just decided to do things on my own. I cant even begin to explain the feeling you get when you accomplish something on your own. There’s an unbelievable feeling of freedom and honor when you are the one who did it. Even if you try and cook a meal and it doesn’t come out so great it will still taste good to you because your the one who made it, and the more you do it the better you will get at it. My dad was a special man he had a ton of heart, but by not having enough confidence in himself stopped him from living up to his potential.who knows how successful he would have been! Today don’t be afraid to try, even if you fail, keep trying! Like I always say, “its better to try and fail then to not try at all”

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