You’re Number #1: Today I like to talk to you about taking care of yourself, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. There’s to many people out there living for someone else. Let me ask you, how can you give to others if you don’t first give to yourself? Don’t make the mistake of giving away everyth …ing you have emotionally and not leaving anything for yourself, because if you do this there will be nothing left of you. Learn to be a better friend to you! learn to respect you! learn to give yourself praise and recognition, lean to love you! I’ve learned in order to have a great life, you must first be great to you! To many people walk around with guilt trips, sadness, resentment, frustrations, and yes sometimes we make mistakes God knows I’ve had my share, but once you ask God for forgiveness, move on! Don’t dwell on it over and over! I’ve learned in order for me to help others, I have to first help me. Today I say treat yourself like Number #1 because you know what? You are

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