Its Showtime: Today I like to talk to you about a very important show you don’t want to miss out on and that’s life itself. No matter how you look at it life is a show and we are all performers. Each and everyday we go about our daily lives not even knowing that life itself is one big stage. I have always had …the attitude of giving my best wherever I was and whatever I was doing I give it my all and then some! I look at life as “all cameras on me,” I’m only concerned with what I’m doing and what my script calls from me. To many times in life we focus to much on what others are doing and what others are saying, that’s just a complete waste of time because all your doing is giving someone else energy. Today focus on you! what are you doing? what are your lines today, what’s your plan today, Remember “It’s Showtime” which means its Your Time!

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