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Daniel Sinasohn by Yanqi Chang for FU e=fu8


So these are the new captures from Manhattan handmade well suited and conformable underwear FU UNDERWEAR, starring dashing newcomer Daniel Sinasohn capturing and Video Editor Yanqui Chang. So take a look with this Underwear line, 100% recommendable you must fit, wear or even as gift for this next day.

Daniel is wearing the Pleasure X8 Cut in red, black and gray ($88.88) , and the Flyless Undergear in purple ($29.88), the V Trim in white ($28.88).
Every single model that has modeled my FU e=fu8 briefs has loved how comfortable FU e=fu8 are, and w/o knowing anything about the prices, they all absolutely & instanly fall head over heels in love with the Pleasure X8 Cut; and (w/o fail, always) ask if they can please have a pair to keep and enjoy; and these beautiful boys are not short of designer underwear in their dresser drawers.
The Pleasure X8 Cut is a cut above the rest of the designer brands on the market today.  The design-cut is so merticulous that it just hugs and fits you like a velvet glove.  It is the cut/style that I wear the most myself.
FU e=fu8 Underwear and tees are designed for all men to live, work and play in; and for boys/men of all shapes & body sizes, whether you are a lean smooth boyish swimmer’s build, or a super worked out Chelsea boy; or somewhere in between.
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