Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

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Who’s That Man… In Mr Turk

It’s Kyle Krieger. From his Instagram handle @kylekriegerhair you can tell where his passion lies. His favorite part of being a hairstylist is getting to meet and work with interesting people. He loves the creativity as well as the travel. Kyle is working on a coffee table book about men’s grooming. It will be a beautifully photographed “how-to” guide for men.
Creativity and sociability are two central aspects of Kyle. Instagram combines these two impulses perfectly for him. He loves taking and sharing photos and this year he’s taken it to another level by using instagram to raise money for another one of his passions, The Aids Lifecycle. He’s almost reached his fund-raising goal of $23,000.00 and his team, the Wolf Pack has past their goal of $100,000.00. This will be Kyle’s second time riding in the Aids Lifecycle but he says he’s particularly looking forward to the ride this year because of the great group of guys he’ll be sharing the experience with. The rest of us can watch on Instagram. To help Kyle out go to www.tofighthiv.org/goto/kylekriegerhair
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