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Special naturalistic view we presents this session of the Spanish model Alberto Rubio (www.fashionandartprojects.com), who triumphs in the Asian market and one of the prominent names in the recently closed Shanghai Fashion Week and now in KL Fashion Week – Malaysia. The naked bust of Alberto emerges from the dark, gloomy appeal reminiscent of the Italian Baroque concentrating all the rhetoric in the texture of the skin and face. Prints true spiritual, almost religious, human body silhouette by the photographer Lorenzo Pierucci.

Pierucci  finds the bends of the ductile personality Alberto Rubio, the intensity of a character that goes through extreme masculinity and sensuality of a noble man devoted body and soul to fashion. Both represent the Mediterranean essence so admired in the Asian giant.


Photo: Lorenzo Pierucci  http://www.lorenzopierucci.com/

Model: Alberto Rubio by http://fashionandartprojects.com/

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