How ‘bout meeting once again Andres Leonardi in shots by Jade Young

What I’d once seen as a platinum blonde-hair dye kid, now is a full fit/strong young man Andres Leonardi comes in new frames by photographer Jade Young.

Andres was posted last year and he’s still signed by BD Talent Group, Creative Director Kai Jankovic is the one leading the crew, styling by Kevin Smith.

I love how Andres looks, so favorable for his fit jaw and noise. Turning around and highlighting his big eyes and brows.

Don’t blink and keep your eyes focus on following images:

What I’d once seen as a platinum blonde hair dye kid, now is a full grown-old fit young man Andre Leonardi comes in new frames by photographer Jade Young.Andres Leonardi by Jade Young2Andres Leonardi by Jade Young3Andres Leonardi by Jade Young4Andres Leonardi by Jade Young5Andres Leonardi by Jade Young6Andres Leonardi by Jade Young7Andres Leonardi by Jade Young8Andres Leonardi by Jade Young9

MO: Andres Leonardi https://www.instagram.com/andres_leonardi/
PH: Jade Young https://www.instagram.com/jadeyphoto/
CD: Kai Jankovic https://www.instagram.com/according2kai/
ST: Kevin Smith https://www.instagram.com/kevincarlisle_design/
AG: BD Talent Group https://www.instagram.com/bdtalent/
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