Let’s take a Bath with Christian shots by Stavros Christodoulou

Let’s take a bath with model Christian Georgiou the shots belongs to photographer Stavros Christodoulou.

I think one of the most excited and fascinated sexy scenes is to find a gorgeous fitness male model like Christian, as one example, and taking your camera and starting shooting like crazy.

But you know what, Stavros is a professional lensman and to complete his task, he clicked  and spotted the right angles and make Christian more sexier than ever in the final shots.

The shots as you can see, are definitely the more sexiest we can see around his photographer career.

Let’s appreciate this:

Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou1Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou2Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou3Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou4Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou5Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou6Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou7Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou8Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou9Christian Georgiou by Stavros Christodoulou10

Photographer: Stavros Christodoulou
Instagram: www.instagram.com/stavroschr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stavroscphotography
Website: www.stavrosc.com
Model: Christian Georgiou
Instagram: www.instagram.com/christiangeorgiou_official
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  1. fantasy ful shots, compliments.

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