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Model Ryan Hintze has some big news for you!

At the beginning of the month, model Ryan Hintze packed his bags and travelled to New York City to update his portfolio, in recently days, he’s been submitting everyday on his Instagram account, but he makes an announcement days ago, he’s got signed by Wilhelmina in New York City!

This is a huge thing for Ryan!, I mean, is a big deal for every model to get signed by them, Wilhelmina is like a driving a Mercedes-Benz – for a driver. You get the point. The 6’4 former USF Football player is selected into Fitness and sport division.

So we clearly applauded Ryan to achieved big hit into his modeling career, at New York City contacted with photographers Rick Day and Paul Reitz, and following we posts some pics from recent shot from both photographers.

Congrats Ryan! 👏

Take a look:

Ryan Hintze by Paul Reitz1
Paul Reitz
Ryan Hintze by Paul Reitz2
Paul Reitz
Ryan Hintze by Paul Reitz3
Paul Reitz
Ryan Hintze by Paul Reitz4
Paul Reitz
Ryan Hintze by Rick Day1
Rick Day
Ryan Hintze by Rick Day2
Rick Day

Model: Ryan Hintze @ Wilhelmina (NYC)

Photographers: Rick Day and Paul Reitz

Check Ryan on 2016 Miami Swim Week Runway Show!

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