Anti-Bullying Activist/Fitness model Zack Thomas by Michael Dar

Let’s start from the beginning Zack Thomas is a fashion-fit model based in NYC. And he contacted to photographer Michael Dar who’s based in Chicago.

Zack take off his clothes and the following images is the result of that union of two big talents. Making a huge impact on every frame we see down here.

He runs his “zessence” fashion line and is also an anti-bullying activist. For every purchase that is made on his fashion line, a portion of the money is given to various anti-bullying organizations worldwide!

Zack is a personal trainer and his workout guides/nutrition book can be purchased by contacting zack@zessence.us

Zack Thomas by Michael Dar1Zack Thomas by Michael Dar2Zack Thomas by Michael Dar3Zack Thomas by Michael Dar4Zack Thomas by Michael Dar5Zack Thomas by Michael Dar6Zack Thomas by Michael Dar7Zack Thomas by Michael Dar8Zack Thomas by Michael Dar9Zack Thomas by Michael Dar10

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