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Sexy & Sensual “Water Moves” by Hans Fahrmeyer – PnV Network

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Hans Fahrmeyer is an acclaimed photographer of male and female portraits combining both technical skill and artistic expression. He has published three books, created a large portfolio of arresting portraits, and has been widely shown in many international publications. “Water Moves”, as depicted in the preview sample below, is an illuminating dance of beautiful male images married with mirrors, water, sensuality, and balance. There’s a blend of powerful imagery with technical insight. The images become forceful yet arresting. He has produced a collection that mixes the casualness of the snapshot with the artistry of classical photographer. His subjects capture the eye for their immediacy, beauty, and movement.

His three previous books (“Colors of Men,” “Between Men and Women,” and “Between Men”) reflect his stylization.  But the new images in “Water Moves” are even more lively and stronger than the earlier ones.  The images are a timeless provocation as Hans demonstrates the gravity of his models into an art form.   His use of beautiful, muscled men weaves with the reflective properties of water to create memorable masterpieces.

Hans was born in Bochum, Germany, where he developed his professional and artistic skills. After leaving Germany, he worked in Paris, Cannes, and London before immigrating to the USA in 1979. After establishing a studio in the West Village of NYC, Hans concentrated on portraits for private clients, agencies, and the performing arts.   With a creative inspiration devoted to presenting the human body as sculpture, he has created his own unique look utilizing black & white, color and digital photography.   His images have been published in Time, Newsweek, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Burda, Madame, Connoisseur, Opera Monthly, and Camera & Darkroom. He has shot more than 5,000 subjects in his career.

“Water Moves”, Han’s latest photo book, can be purchased at Amazon by following this link here.

In the meantime, enjoy some preview images of “Water Moves”:


Preview a sexy video of “Water Moves”: 
Follow Hans’ work on Tumblr:
You can also find Hans on Twitter:
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