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By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

So one day I was snooping around some agency websites, and found myself captivated by a young, stunning face…a fantastically flawless male beauty! His face was perfection and his eyes radiated through the screen. I discovered this stunner is Tristan Waite, who not to my surprise is with DT Model Management, who seriously seems to sign the hottest male models on the planet. Only 18 years old and freshly graduated from high school, Tristan was recently photographed by talented Joe Alisa, and we’re thrilled to show you some of those images.TristanWaiteJoeAlisa1

At 6’2” tall and 165 pounds, Tristan has gorgeous blue eyes and brown hair and is a native of Los Angeles. Modeling comes natural to Tristan. As he explained, “I started modeling because both of my parents are actors and models, as well as my stepmom and my grandpa. It kind of feels like it’s in the blood.” His grandfather is the late accomplished actor Ralph Waite (The Waltons, NCIS, Days of our Lives). His mother is model/actress Natasha Henstridge (Species, The Whole Nine Yards) and his father is actor Liam Waite (Ghosts of Mars). Tristan’s stepmother is model/actress Olga Fonda (Agent X, The Vampire Diaries). So, it’s time for handsome Tristan to spread his wings!

The opportunity for travel and meeting new people and cultures intrigued Tristan about modeling. He really hopes to do some runway. As for fashion brands, Tristan said he doesn’t have a lot of brand loyalty other than to Calvin Klein underwear and John Varvatos shoes. He’s learning on the fly, too. “The thing that surprises me most,” he explained, “is how little I knew about the fashion world.  I just thought people threw on some clothes and took a photo, but there is actually so much thought that goes into every little part of each photo.”TristanWaiteJoeAlisa2

Among the photographers whom Tristan says he would love to work with in the future is Annie Leibovitz. He says he loves her work, “especially the darker undertone that I see in a lot of the portraits she does.”  He says he’s also a fan of the work by Steve McCurry, stating “all the crazy colors and intense moods that he creates are just amazing.”  Tristan also admires the black & white images of photographer Bruce Weber.

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As seen here, Tristan recently worked with Joe Alisa. He said working with Joe was “absolutely wonderful.” Being a novice, Tristan said he was a little nervous going into the shoot. “But once we got started, and I saw a couple of the shots, I was like holy shit, these are amazing!  I didn’t even believe some of them were me at first!”  Tristan said Joe has a great eye for lighting and location, and he hopes to shoot again with him.TristanWaiteJoeAlisa3

Tristan describes himself as “pretty upbeat, always trying….and failing to make people laugh. I’m just a pretty bubbly guy, especially once you get to know me.  I can be pretty shy at first.” He loves playing hoops every day, but confesses that he’s not a very good player.   


Music is a passion for Tristan. He loves singing or trying an instrument, and says most people don’t know about his musical inclination. He loves playing piano, but also plays drums and guitar. He recalled, “I even recorded a song when I was 9 years old…it was horrible, but music has always been a good way to express myself.”TristanWaiteJoeAlisa5

Tristan loves all genres of music from classical to rap. “I love Motown music.  I think Amy Winehouse is incredible. There is so much emotion in her voice. I like Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. I love all types of rock and older rap.” Tristan continued, “But my favorite song/piece would probably have to be Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’.”

I anticipate we will be seeing a lot more of Tristan in the years ahead!TristanWaiteJoeAlisa6

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In the meantime, be sure to check out the website of photographer Joe Alisa at http://www.joealisa.com/

You can find photographer Joe Alisa on social media at:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joealisa/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoeAlisa
You can see more of Tristan Waite on social media:
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tristanwaite/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/thetristanwaite

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