Sanchez-Kane Spring/Summer 2018 New York

This is off the hood, bizarre, enigmatic, chaotic, political and weird collection by Sanchez-Kane a Mexican clothing brand curated by emotional chaos.

From the VFILES Archives, we have found Sanchez-Kane on VFILES Runway: 7 Designers in 2016. Some quotes about the brand:

EVE was born before ADAM. Our DNA was shift and now men are fighting for their basic rights. Mexico was a macho dominant country before, now women are powerful. Traditional stereotypes of Mexican society changed.

Trying to regain their identity to find a balance in a mexican women dominate world. A new citizen is born –“ citizen Sanchez-kane” He uses art as advertisement for nationalism and he embrace imperfection; strong sentimental new bread is born. We see the use of language as a weapon of communication, he just wants the world to be in peaceful dialogue and find the balance and equality. Personal and political emotional intrinsic elements are found.

As I say we just want equality, so lets MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN.

Have you seen the most weird stuff on runway, well there you go. Provokes you, the brand is teasing you, the brand is trying to open up your mind and scream inside of your head, creating characters from Mexico, telling a story, or this is just a twisted and retarded way to be a creative mind.

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Is up to you, open your mind before judge, before make a critique, just try to let your body move with the wave of this Mexican label and connect the dots.

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