Fresh-Faced Hotness – Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck /PnV EXCLUSIVE

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Meet the fresh-face, hot-physique model who hails from Long Island, New York. Only 19, Hayden Schreier appears to have taken to modeling like a duck to water.   

Recently, Hayden caught the attention of NYC-based photographer Michael Hallenbeck.   Due to rain, their shoot was cut short, but, nevertheless, there were some sweet images snapped in that limited time.

Hayden is 5’11” tall, green-eyed blonde who is represented by BMG Models. He attends college in Brockport, NY. His passion for fitness coupled with his love of fashion lead him to the world of modeling. He aspires for modeling fame and says he would love to front campaigns with the likes of Nike, Calvin Klein or Hilfiger.

Hayden says he gets the most compliments on his triceps and chest. He modestly commented, “I believe it is a genetic thing.”

Hayden confesses he was not always in shape. “When I was younger, I was overweight and had to build up the confidence to step foot in the gym. Believe it or not, the gym can be a scary place for some new people.” The chest or bench press and tricep cable kickbacks are his favorite two exercises. “They are the best exercise to really build your triceps,” he stated.

In describing his personality, Hayden says he tends to initially come off as introverted. “I like to listen and learn before I can give you my complete trust. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason!” He noted, however, that “Once I warm up, I’m a very outgoing person.”

Besides working out, traveling and photography, Hayden has a big sneaker passion. “I’m a huge sneaker head and love collecting retro Jordan and Adidas brand sneakers.” Let’s just hope he has plenty of closet space.

Enjoy these amazing images of Hayden as captured in New York City by Michael Hallenbeck:

Meet the fresh-face, hot-physique model who hails from Long Island, New York. Only 19, Hayden Schreier appears to have taken to modeling like a duck to water.Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck2Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck3Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck4Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck5Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck6Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck7Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck8Hayden Schreier by Michael Hallenbeck9IMG_0050DR1IMG_0096DR1_1_1_1DR1IMG_0210DR1IMG_0278DR1_1_1_1_1DR1IMG_9969DR1_1_1_1_1DR1

See more of Hayden Schreier on his social media at:
See more from Michael Hallenbeck at:

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