The perfect time to meet Matt Carey – Shots by Gun

We need young blood, this entire new generation of photographers is born every single day, which we really happy about it. Because we can expose every different work from a different angle and lens.

This is the perfect time to meet two young talents, first, he signed as “Shots by Gun” because his name is Gun a Sydney-based photographer raised and born in Thailand, is making a huge impact with Aussie people, and it took us with dancer and model Matthew Carey, Matt for the friends.

Gun sent to us an email, and he relates that “Matthew is a dancer from Sydney and recently got home from working at Tokyo Disneyland Japan. He is currently working in morning television while auditioning for different musical theatre shows.”

This young fresh face with a nice and softly lighting shines over his slim but strong body and Matt is becoming so popular over those seas not only because he’s so talented, because of his brilliant mind and charming attitude.

Gun is making huge scores to shot new and fabulous talents, “I picked up my first Nikon in 2004 and have never looked back. Well, I could not – the equipment I have purchased over the years is pretty much the deposit for a house.” Who would’ve thought. This is a true sign that photographers don’t work for free.

Okay, but then let’s go back to this and scroll down:

Matt Carey by Shots by Gun1Matt Carey by Shots by Gun2Matt Carey by Shots by Gun3Matt Carey by Shots by Gun4Matt Carey by Shots by Gun5Matt Carey by Shots by Gun6Matt Carey by Shots by Gun7Matt Carey by Shots by Gun8Matt Carey by Shots by Gun9Matt Carey by Shots by Gun10Matt Carey by Shots by Gun11

Photographer: Shotsbygun.com / IG: @shotsbygun
Model: Matt Carey IG: @careym15
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