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Small town boy – big time success: Brayden Robinson / PnV Network

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

I joke with Brayden Robinson all the time that I could listen to him read the phone book for hours!

Being a southern boy from Georgia he’s got a charismatic charm and accent that makes him irresistible. Don’t let that fool you. This guy is a warrior. He has drive and ambition to be the very best at everything he does.

Brayden already has a successful career but he’s also a model, a photographer and all around amazing human being. No written words by me will do him justice. I’m constantly telling him to take time to smell the roses but he’s too busy planting them. I admire his commitment and he’s easy on the eyes.

Recently Brayden was in Los Angeles and had a shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Malcolm Bacani. Malcolm has partnered with me on several features in the past and really captures the personality and essence of Brayden.

Enjoy this editorial and watch Bray slay in 2018!

Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani1Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani2Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani3Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani4Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani5Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani6Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani7Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani8Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani9Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani10Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani11Brayden Robinson by Malcolm Bacani12

Photography Malcolm Bacon @luvgenstudio
Model Brayden Robinson @brayrobinson


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