Joem Bayawa snapped sexy fresh face Alex – Exclusive

We are so happy to present the first exclusive of 2018 with Photographer Joem Bayawa – also mentioned as one of the Fashionably Male’s Top photographers of 2017 because obviously reasons.

If you are a newcomer, or professional model, or soloentrepeneur and wants fresh aesthetics pictures of yourself, I really recommend the work of Bayawa, every penny worth it.

Because is not only gonna take you snaps with a simple white background, ohh no! he’s gonna take snaps and more than that! He’s gonna direct you and guide you, and every pic you will love, as we love this portrait from model Alex Carrabre a new face of 19 year old we are about to present.

FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (13)FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (9)FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (10)

Alex Carrabre is 19 from Waconia, Minnesota, a small town just west of the Twin Cities. He grew up with a lifestyle anything but normal. When he was just 9, he and his sister flew to Japan to meet our dad by themselves, and ended up spending a majority of their time traveling from ski hill to ski hill, finding a few hot springs to soak in between. He has traveled to quite a few countries which has helped him develop a variety of viewpoints and helped him create his cosmopolitan view on the world.
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Alex is a bit of a rookie when it comes to modeling. He has done some photoshoots here and there just for fun, but has just recently begun to consider his modeling career seriously. He attended the University of Kentucky on an academic and athletic scholarship, but changed paths after just one year, and sought a mentor to help him build his business in the real world. Alex found the mentor he was looking for and much more, and has founded a business with this mentor.

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While on the way to the airport for a business trip to New York, Alex was sitting on a bus on the way from where he parked his car to the airport, and the people next to him asked where he was going. He said New York and they instantly assumed that he was going to model. He was quite flattered, but told them it was just for business. Later that same day, while on the plane, the people sitting next to him were whispering back and forth, and then finally showed him a picture on their smartphone of a famous DJ and asked if this was him. Alex declined, but started to notice this trend from the past as well, from neighbors telling him to get into modeling, family encouraging him to get started in the industry, and experiences from past trips as well.
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Finally his signal came. Later that same day, he received a message from a famous, well respected and talented Chicago photographer, Joem Bayawa, saying how he liked Alex’s look and if they could find some time to chat. Once he landed, we exchanged numbers and arranged for a weekend to come out and shoot.
FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (22)FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (20)FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (21)
Alex flew to Chicago the following weekend, and had an incredible experience with Joem. Joem is so incredibly talented behind the camera and can see the shot before he captures it. Alex cannot wait to return and shoot with Joem again.
FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (15)FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (17)FashionablyMale ALEX CARRABRE (1)
Joem explained how the word photograph came from. The word photograph evolved from the ancient Greek words phot-, “light,” and graph-, “writing,” which were combined to create the word for taking pictures — “light writing” but for an artist it is simply “light painting” or “painting with light” and just looking at his work, we couldn’t agree more.



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  1. Gordon Harris

    Alex is cute, and he also has a fresh face. Thank you & Hugs, Gordon

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