Feeling sparks over Austin pics by Tyson Vick

Why you feel light electrical shock by watching pictures of cute boys … They cannot be seen through the naked eyes and contain positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons and neutral neutrons. Most of the time… but when we see the pictures of Austin Machado by photographer Tyson Vick, the sparks causes pain as it is hot and feels like a needle drilling into the skin.

Austin Machado is a new fresh face ready to be admired by your eyes, 19 yo, studying, full of life, outgoing personality, melting smile, beautiful eyes and skin, reminded us those vintage 50’s style models. If the universe wants he could be the next internet sensation.

Tyson built a very well done portrait with Austin, Tyson is based in Montana U.S. keep an eye over his work, got a bunch of cute guys that makes you feel sparks in your belly all the time.

Photographer Tyson Vick @tysonvickphotography /

Model Austin Machado @amachado55

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