Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe – PnV Exclusive Interview

PnV Exclusive – Actor/Model Dakota Wolfe with photos by Adam J. Washington.

By Steve Leonard @stevetleonard

We first met Dakota Wolfe in April of this year and were immediately captivated by his infectious smile and the joy he radiates.

There’s a sense of genuineness about him that’s a testament to his roots. Since then, it seems like he’s been everywhere. 

I recently caught up with Dakota (newly signed with NTA Models) and he was more than happy to fill me in on what he’s been doing since we last chatted with him. 

Plus, see the new images of Dakota visiting Santa Monica Pier by Adam Washington:

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

Last time we saw you, you were contemplating a move from Georgia to Los Angeles. Well, now you’re here! I know it’s only been a couple of weeks, but right off the bat, what’s the biggest change you’ve noticed?

Yes I am! There’s a lot of changes! But definitely one the most notable things for me is the humidity! There is none here in California, it’s amazing! I can wear jeans in August ! JEANS! Haha it’s amazing.

You’ve done a few photo shoots since we last saw you and I’ve noticed quite a change in your upper body definition. What is your gym routine like? 

Thank you! I have been putting in a lot of time and dedication into my gym routine and diet especially. My gym routines always consist of at least 30 minutes of cardio and then weights for about an hour after that.

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

You mention diet. Can you elaborate?

The diet is everything, that’s one thing I have learned. I really focus my diet on whole foods and always try to cook all of my meals. I intermittent fast, so I make cooking practical while still having a life.

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Fast food and junk food really happen often. I also play around with carbs and what not but it’s all about a balance.

Trust me I have my cheat days and you definitely have to. It makes life enjoyable just a healthy balance that’s all!

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

You mentioned in your last FM interview that you once tipped the scales at nearly 240 pounds. What did you do to lose the weight and has it been easy to keep it off? 

Yeah I was! It was a rough time for me! Really I just committed to working out. Just going into the gym finally and not being insecure due to what people think, I believe, is half the battle for a lot of people out there.

So just working out regularly allowed me to lose the weight. And keeping it off, it’s easier than you would believe. Once you lose that much weight and work out regularly, it becomes a lifestyle.

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

I just incorporated working out and eating healthy so much that it’s fun for me now!

What would you recommend to, or advise, somebody who wants to lose weight?

If you’re someone just starting out and just wanting to lose weight, I would recommend just getting yourself active. You can start small and work your way up to the gym or even just outdoor activities!

For me I love sports and nature so those are ways I can exercise and still make them fun!

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

“As you do that and you see progress, if you want more, watch what you eat. Focus on whole foods and less packaged foods.”

My biggest tip: avoid the middle aisles of the grocery store, haha. But let’s be honest, every now and then a good old pop tart or ice cream happens. It’s life. But as long as you commit long term that’s all that matters.

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Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

You’re fairly active on social media. How has it been interacting with the new fans you’ve gained?

Trying to be! Honestly I’m so excited for social media right now. The fact that I have “fans” is one of the best feelings in the world.

Social media for me–and having fans– I want to bring amazing content, smiles and just happiness to people’s lives!

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

“My goals with it are for people to look at my social media and feel better after leaving it.”

It’s so encouraging when someone reaches out to me, messages or comments!

Someone spent time out of their day to reach out, so I’ll always do the same back. It’s always appreciated. I love it honestly so much.

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview
Have you ever been recognized while out and about?

I have been I think once? When that happens, I’ll probably be more excited that than person recognizing me! haha And it’s not because of fame or fans.

It’s just that feeling of I’m using myself with a purpose and I’m impacting others in a good way.

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

That’s one thing I hope to do, and will keep pushing towards, is making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Catch up with Dakota here:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/dakotawolfe/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dakotawwolfe
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Dakotawwolfe
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrOSGjsoA3zUoM2JYXpiCRA
Website:  https://www.dakotawolfe.com/

To see more work by Adam Washington check out:
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/adamjwash/
Website:  http://adamwphotography6.wixsite.com/photography
Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamjwash

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