The Otherworldly Jordan Torres by Brian Kaminski

The Otherworldly Jordan Torres by Brian Kaminski

Los Angeles based professional photographer Brian Kaminski shares on Instagram the otherworldly JT on his feed.

Signed under DT Models in L.A. JT has modeling since 2012 when he started to modeling for Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci in Paris Fashion Week.

The Otherworldly Jordan Torres by Brian KaminskiWith More of 211K Followers

A number does not defined Jordan Torres at all, but he has walked into his own pavement with hard work and dedication.

Spotted all around the world, from Paris to New York, published in London, working for Versace in Milan, his looks from a healthy young man, has been replaced as a builded athlete.

The Otherworldly Jordan Torres by Brian Kaminski As you can see in this second part of Kaminsky-Torres, the model is only wearing a whitey brief underwear by Tani.

And the amazing and brilliance of Kaminski captures the very best of Torres in black and white.

JT will always push himself to be the best he can be and won’t settle for anything less. If you tell him his dreams are silly, he’ll make sure to show you (and more importantly himself) that achieving them is no issue.The Otherworldly Jordan Torres by Brian Kaminski

Don’t miss the first part of the encounter between Kaminski and Torres, happily last year in Brian’s studio.

Certain things catch your eye like Jordan Torres / Shots by Brian Kaminski

The Otherworldly Jordan Torres by Brian Kaminski

With 6’2″ brown eyes and brown hair, Jordan has becoming in one of the sexiest male models in America.

Conquering Paris and Milan, he’s a beast when he’s walking for a runway show. In a recent interview for KultureHub.com Jordan quotes:

“I get my motivation from the weirdest things… I get my motivation from what people get depressed about.”

The Otherworldly Jordan Torres by Brian Kaminski

It all starts with his family. His internal motivation comes in big part from losing two older brothers to the all too familiar violence that affects so many in the Bronx.

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Jordan has each of their names tattooed on the inside of his wrists as a reminder. Whenever he wants to put his head down, he sees their names and is reminded to always keep his head up.

The Otherworldly Jordan Torres by Brian KaminskiJordan continues to work each and every day to perfect his crafts, grow as a person, and move forward. Things are just getting started for JT and you’d be a fool to think he’s going to slow down anytime soon.

Photography by Brian Kaminski @briankaminski
Talent Jordan Torres @officialjt @ DT Models.

  1. Kudos with the photographs of Jordan Torres, one of my long time favorite made models. I have been a been a subscriber of Fashionably male for sometime now and, as always, I enjoy the content very much and will continue to do so. My only suggestion is to have someone look after the text as the writing, in some cases, need some editing. Please continue with the beautiful photographs.

    • fashionablymale

      Thank you so much for your comment. We really appreciate. And we’re trying our best to have better writing skills. Chris.

  2. stamboekstier

    Eenvoudige uitstraling, van een gekwalificeerd model

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