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Arizona’s Son: Colton Wergin By Rob Kristian – PnV Network

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

Arizona’s Son: Colton Wergin By Rob Kristian – PnV Network

Colton Wergin, from Mesa, Arizona, is an athlete, a personal trainer and an up and coming model. Over the past year Colton has been a part of some spectacular photo shoots that have landed him in some pretty high profile publications. One such shoot was with a good friend Rob Kristian who’s amazing photography has been shared with us many times. I wanted everyone to know a few things about Colton so I pulled this quote…

“Growing up I was always pretty small. But not just your stereotypical small kid. I was so small that I had to make a trip to the doctor to find out why I wasn’t gaining enough weight. Come to find out, I have a thyroid disease that makes it almost impossible for me to put on weight and muscle. Since then, I was determined to defy the odds. I made it my mission over the years to learn everything I can in order to develop the best body possible.”

“Starting at the age of 13, I trained 5-6 times a week, and pushed my body to its limit. My goal now is to help others feel the same way I do, satisfied with how they look and feel great at the same time.”  – Colton Wergin 

Rob has been a good friend to PnV over the years and we have collaborated on some incredible features. He’s a humble, unassuming man that describes himself as “a simple guy who’s been lucky enough to shoot some amazing models over the past ten years”.  I asked him what it was like to shoot with Colton. “Colton is very outgoing and energetic. Very easy to work with. It’s always fun to shoot with a fresh face!”


I always appreciate the time models and photographers take from their busy schedules to make these great presentations come to life. Thank you Rob and Colton!

You can read last PnV Network’s interview here:

You can see the work of Rob Kristian here on Insta: @robkristianphotos on Twitter: @Robkristian.

Follow instantly Colton Wergin on Insta: @colton_wergin and Twitter: @colton_wergin

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