Serge Lee presents: ‘My Home is Budapest’

Don’t move over, because Serge Lee presents: ‘My Home is Budapest’ stunning work featuring model Giuliano Durso.

Moscow based photographer traveled to Budapest, to encounter with several models. Then he found Giuliano.

The rest you will see it in a classic Serge pictorial intimate shots where the WAM Model posing like a god.

My Home is Budapest

Budapest is the capital and the most populous city of Hungary, and the tenth-largest city in the European Union by population within city limits.

The aim of Wam is to give internationally first-class male models to the fashion industry who prove that not only girls can become world-famous in several Europe countries, many are send to work to Paris and Milan.

With a unique, youthful atmosphere, world-class classical music scene, a pulsating nightlife increasingly appreciated among European youth, and last but not least, an exceptional offer of natural thermal baths, Budapest is one of Europe’s most delightful and enjoyable cities. 

Wam Models Hungary’s first agency that employs only male models, is unique in this model for boys / men in this area. They place great emphasis on discovering new faces, but internationally-looking professionals can be found among our models.

The modern-day Budapest results from the amalgamation of two historic cities lying right opposite each other over the Danube river. Buda is the western (left) bank side, with the high hill atop which the Buda castle sits. Pest is the relatively flat eastern (right) bank side, with the Parliament, numerous other stately buildings, and busy streets retaining all their 19th century architectural heritage.

Visitors will notice that (except for touristy attractions and restaurants), many items cost less in Hungary than in Western Europe. Is that true Serge?

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The climate of Budapest is continental with cold winters and warm summers. Budapest has one of the highest difference between the highest and lowest recorded temperatures as the record high is 40°C (104°F) and the record low is -25°C (-14°F).

You can be a follower of Giualiano Durso here: @giulianodurso at WAM Models.
Photographer Serge Lee @sergeleephoto.

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