Let’s Workout with Münther Dajani Pics by Ted Sun

Let’s Workout with Münther Dajani Pics by Ted Sun for Fashionably Male webzine.

Guys let’s meet a new face on the board, Münther Dajani he will take us to enjoy some joggings around the city, thanks to Ted Sun behind the lens.

Shot in Portland––is the largest and most populous city in the U.S. state of Oregon, where we can see Münther jogging happily in the city.

Living in a big city means you have a glut of galleries, theaters, museums, bars, clubs, and restaurants to keep you entertained any time of the night and day. Though the city may offer art, culture and plenty of entertainment, it also means noise, traffic, pollution and plenty of people; in other words, everything that could make the most mild-mannered of runners irate.

One trick note––cause I like run-in in the city too, when running on roads, run toward traffic rather than away from it. If your back is to any oncoming traffic, you may not be aware of an impending hazard approaching you.

If you are facing oncoming traffic, and even if a driver fails to see you, you are forewarned and therefore better able to move out of the path of hazards.

Münther is showing off how to be active in a large city like Portland

When you start your career as a model, is important having a nice portfolio, this will give you so many opportunities (including if you want to be an actor) outdoorsy snaps can help you a lot.

Ted Sun really will help you doing that, the thing if you around, you can contact him and he will gladly help.

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Also is great to have really nice pics on your instagram account, like so many insta models, are using the Instagram as a resume of their job. And you know that big agency managers are checking all accounts seeking new faces.

The model is showing a good healthy lifestyle

Is good to keep a good health, specially when you are working a real male model. Münther give us a good example of it.

Dajani is a 6’2″ brown hair and brown eyes.

Palestinian-American he has this great mixed roots and he looks so handsome.

Right after exercise, let’s take a break

Münther is taking a quick break and he’s relaxing in his underwear. But he’s feeling so happy to mark up his fitness routine on his list. Now let’s focus on what’s next. Maybe Netflix and chill?

Success! You're on the list.

Dajani is represented by Option Models & Media in the Active section.

Model: Munther Dajani  @moon_ther @ @option_models 
Photo: Ted Sun  @tedsun77
Featuring activewear/fashion by WPN, T-Christopher, 2XU, Four Laps, Nike, Atelier Traditionnel.

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