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Brandon Gurney for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 05 April 2020

Brandon Gurney for PnVFashionablymale 05 cover

See the highlights of the new beach body Brandon Gurney for PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 05 April 2020

Brandon Gurney PnVFashionablymalee Magazine cover

Sun’s Out, Buns Out! Brandon Gurney

While it’s always enjoyable to bring you established and fast-rising young models, it can be equally enjoyable to showcase new, raw talent. Such is the case with Los Angeles-based Brandon Gurney. I had seen some images of Brandon, and I fell in love! So I tracked down this gorgeous boy to see if he was interested in a shoot for Fashionably Male. He’s such a sweet treat!

Cali-based photographer David Anthony shot Brandon for our Spring Break feature on two different days. Naturally, on the studio day, LA had gorgeous weather, but rain and clouds persisted on the outdoor beach day shoot in Venice. David explained, “The Venice Beach shoot was a bit

Brandon Gurney for PnVFashionablymale 05

nerve-wracking! Especially with everything going onintheworld.AllIcansayiswehadthetimeof our lives! Due to current events and the weather, no one was at the beach. It was perfect! Although someone did watch Brandon and I through their window. It didn’t bother us! That person got a free show!”

Brandon Gurney for PnVFashionablymale 05

Brandon has great potential with his photogenic face and physique. David mentions Brandon’s wonderful attitude. “He’s always up for anything you throw at him. While he’s not technically a model, the camera loves him! You give him a scenario or pose, and he executes wonderfully. He’s such a great sport!”

Model Brandon Gurney
Photography David Anthony


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PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 05

PnVFashionablymale Magazine Issue 05

WELCOME TO OUR APRIL 2020 ISSUE 05:The Spring Break 2020 edition of PnV’s Fashionably Male Magazine morphed into the Quarantine 2020 edition. While we can’t celebrate parties on the beach this spring, we are forced to embrace isolation, and who better to isolate with than our 10 gorgeous male…


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  1. Very beautiful guy!

  2. fashionablymale

    He is very beautiful and a good boy!

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