Balmain Menswear Resort 2021 The Zoom Collection cover

Balmain Menswear Resort 2021

The complete Balmain Menswear Resort 2021 The « ZOOM » collection lookbook is here.

The pandemic brought with it a radical change in fashion. Everyone is adjusting to change, this 2020 is going to be a radical change to present new trends.

We could see it in the presentation of London Fashion Week an online platform where interviews, podcasts, videos, live streams were presented of how the creative minds of the famous brands are affected by the sudden changes of the pandemic.

The ZOOM Collection Resort 2021

We do not know for sure when these changes will finish adjusting. But we do know that the world continues and we have to act according to the present.

Creative Director Olicier Rousteing presents today on his social networks the new one titled The ZOOM collection Resort 2021.

The entire collection made by him, the entire collection photographed by himself via ZOOM. Now is when we must make the most of the technologies to continue working.

Yes, we agreed to mention that Olivier is featuring colorful patterns, the classic BALMAIN ARMY look is still there, but also he remixed and revisited his pattern design in black and white and full colors.

Fashion and life, in general, will never be the same on any continent or in any city and to make believe that they will just might amount to be one huge tragic flaw or error in judgement for the brand and designer.

Jeffrey Felner

With an distinctive Balmain logo, thick acetate frame, straight brow line and solid custom hinge system—make crystal clear the importance that rock styling holds for today’s Balmain Army.

The ZOOM collection includes the new Balmain Eyewear by Akoni Lugano ––Akoni designs, manufactures and distributes luxury eyewear worldwide with a commitment to craftsmanship, expertise and quality. And we can find every unisex item on $900.

The collection featuring primary colors and daywear, jackets, trousers, pants, blazers and tops.

See full collection at @Balmain

Photography via ZOOM by Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing @olivier_rousteing

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