Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

We bet you know who is Dorian McDon. A moment you will never forget he is in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee, take a look.

Serge Lee has cast the best muscle models for project #NothingButJeans, this time is starring by Dorian McDon.

#NothingButJeans a project by Serge Lee during the last past 5 years. He has this idea on shooting muscle models only wearing blue jeans.

Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

The photographer has photographed so many guys around the world, from fitness models, instagram models, fashion models, entrepreneurs, celebrities and Adult models.

McDon is well known in United States for his erotica content. You can follow on his recently new OnlyFans account.

Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

Everyday more–during this pandemic–models from around the world. Inclusive rapper Cardi B, celebrities Bella Thorne, Swae Lee and YouTube celebrity Tana Mongeau has been active on OnlyFans since May this year.

“I would like to give my fans much more, so feel free to message me on here & tell me what you wanna see! 
All of the proceeds will be going to creating & improving my content for you guys.”

Dorian McDon
Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

The result is splendig, behind the lens Serge is dynamic, is accesible, never missed a spot and everytime he finds the best angle of the human body–no matter a gender.

Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

Its a very satisfied to watch project. Serge has worked with so many muscle models, never-like Russian hunk Dorian.

Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

Enjoy and watch video with Dorian McDon in project #NothingButJeans

Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee
Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

Dorian lives for the stares, don’t forget to follow this stallion on his OF, but he’s also on Twitter and active on IG.

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Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

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Dorian McDon in #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

Enjoy some GiF’s

Note side:

The soundtrack Serge is using in his video is Blue Jeans by Lana del Rey, listen:

Photography Serge Lee @sergeleephoto / www.sergelee.com/store
Cast Dorian McDon TW @Dorian_McDon / IG @yeabuddy_dorian 

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