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Attitude brand KURT PRYNNE Launch New Campaign

Attitude brand KURT PRYNNE Launch New Campaign and we’re dying to know.

Attitude brand KURT PRYNNE is known for choosing real people as their models as well as curiosity to dissect queer related subjects. For their next step – two new statements or, as they call them, “Uncomfortable Truths” – KURT PRYNNE invited Berlin based creators to elaborate on those topics through their life stories.

The first uncomfortable truth SOULOIST was photographed in collaboration with Berlin based DJ and producer Philipp Rothenaicher.

“SOULOIST is a definition of a person, who functions perfectly fine alone, because the soul – your core, calmness and knowing who you are – is always there. A social norm, praising extraverted behavior, accumulates an outdated pressure on those, who would rather stay alone. KURT says it’s not a flaw, but rather an advantage! Don’t get us wrong, SOULOIST is never an enemy of the crowd, but the uncomfortable truth is – alone just works better. A natural introvert and a trained extrovert? Always a double packed punch, baby!”, explains brand co-creator Šarūnas Kirdeikis.

Music producer Phillip’s story towards accepting his body and an introverted way of dealing with life perfectly represents SOULOIST attitude: “Creative process for me was always a journey I would take alone. I’d say almost on an autistic spectrum. In order to discover my unique sound or finalize the structure of a DJ set I have to shut off. For days, even weeks. It would be hardly possible while being in the group of people. Working solo for me became a synonym of focus. An intimate process when you hear yourself so clear that the outside chatter loses its significance. I used to feel guilty about it, but now am definitely a proud SOULOIST”, assures Philipp Rothenaicher.

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A second model, Abdel Dnewar, a film director from Egypt, embodies another Uncomfortable Truth – WHAT’S WRONG.

“This statement talks about an issue of constant overthinking. There is something WRONG with you. It’s your fault things are not happening. You end-up with nothing, rejected, big plans falling apart. Maybe you really are all the WRONG things you were told not to be? Don’t cry, be quiet, talk slow, stand straight, dress appropriate… The pressure is real. But don’t worry – eventually these flaws will become your best traits. You are only WRONG if you still believe so. Just like that circus elephant, who was tied to a pole, walking in circles all his life. Thinking he’s weak, even after growing into magnificent animal. Not with KURT! Our statement is not a question – we put a period on it. I am everything WHAT’S WRONG. And I’m fine”, – explains brand co-creator Luigi Giordano.

Director Abdel carries a history of growing up in Egypt, within a strict social construct that haunts him to this very day. Moving to Berlin, but having to leave his brother behind, the one he’s been directing movies with since they were 18 years old, imprinted a strong feeling of WHAT’S WRONG. This life change happened right before receiving the film prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Institute during Berlinale Film Festival 2020.

“Every time I move from place to place, it feels like arriving to this country once again and never having real home. I am an immigrant so it seems like my every move is being monitored twice as much. My mind is in constant fight-or-flight state. Is there some law I don’t know? Have I not understood a paragraph in the contract? Why are there immigrant ticket controllers on the metro, mostly Arab and Turkish, creating this kapo-like tension, controlling other immigrants driving it? So many small things get under my skin, since the stakes of punishment for my mistakes seem to be much higher. I do understand this reaction is partially influenced by the environment I grew up in. But I wish for a more compassionate space to exist, that would help dissolve WHAT’S WRONG. Rather than force you to constantly stress about it. You might be WRONG only in the eyes of other people.”

contemplates on the topic director Abdel Dnewar.

WHAT’S WRONG is a type of Scarlett letter that gives you a chance to vent out, reconsider and start fresh. KURT PRYNNE continues telling this story along with finding new faces of KURT and invites to check them out on their “Small Talk” Blog on www.kurtprynne.com.

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Photo by Luigi Giordano: @_l1981g
Philipp Rothenaicher: @_se.ct_
Abdel Dnewar: @dnewar2
Ed Tred: @tred___ 

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