The Boys Next Door: Christian Hogue & Maverick McConnell by Davis Bates

The Boys Next Door: Christian Hogue & Maverick McConnell by Davis Bates — they’re gonna blow your brains out.

2 boys next door stand before our screens, we’re big fans of Christiand and Maverick. And they finally get a splendind shooting by photgeapher Davis Bates.

There’s a pool scene—flashback scene— in the Almodovar’s world where you can see in La Mala Educación (Bad Education, 2003), where the actor Gael Garcia Bernal and Fele Martínez played an iconic pool scene where both are in tighty whities briefs in the pool.

And I thought about the soundrtack playing in the pool scene, and I gound it. Is the right perfect song to hear when you see this stunning pictures.

The chemical is undenied good

And satisfied every need of our eyes. Maverick and Christian get a long so well, Davis did a beautiful work of edition, direction and idea.

Davis’ work suggest playground, sexiness, attraction and desire. Christian exudes all that in one shot. Maverick exudes beauty, confidence and masculinity.

The work was presented via Instagram by the photographer, they did all in Los Angeles. First time collab in this project. We don’t know if this going to be exposed in somewhere else.

Maverick and Christian wearing white briefs by Calvin Klein. Then Maverick is wearing a jock by KVRT STVFF.

Model Christian Hogue @christianhogue
Model Maverick McConnel @mavericksmanner
Photographer Davis Bates @davis.bates

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  1. Sexiest Men Alive Christian Hogue & Maverick McConnel are rocking those Tight White Calvin Kleins. Great photos Davis Bates and Epic Man Crush Monday Everyday feature Fashionably Male.

  2. The thing that these guys are in tighty whities in a swimming pool is the hottest thing ever.

  3. This is the crossover we didn’t know we wanted it.

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