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The first thing of my mind is, I love fashion and I’m being feel passion about it.
I would like to express and tell you all my history. But only you can see is this words, videos, photos about art, fashionism, male models, nude, sex, amateur, tag people who work really hard backstage to bring us all this masterpiece.

Unfortunately I don’t have any rights using this photos, videos, I know and I’m sorry using this copyrights, but this is only a place where people like us, want to appreciate your masterpiece; If you want to erase any pics, just let me know.

Also, this is a place where you can learn anything about male models, how to be a male model, posing, bookings, portfolios is also included in my blog. Male models are so welcome here, you can send me your book and I can post it.

In other words, this is a place right for you.

If you want to know any model post in here, ask me; maybe it could be your model in your next photo-shooting.

FM is also a male model contact: if you want to know a male model, or if you want to work with any photographer, please let me know. I have some really contacts here in Mexico, EEUU and Europe and I can help you.
If you need a personal shopper or fashion stylist, let me know, I’d like to show you a good and funny way to stylish your wardrobe. Don’t worry my fees are not expensive.

And now I’m working as a professional Freelancer Scouter if you want to start in model business please send me  your digitals, please attached Name, age, Birth, measurements (Europe Sizes) telephone number or cell phone and  4 digital (polaroids) pictures, no photoshop, no make up, just look natural. Send to chriscruzleija@gmail.com

And thank you so so much for being here. If you have some doubts, questions, comments, please feel free and write me at chriscruzleija@gmail.com

Thanks for read me.







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