Focus On: Daniel Benjamin by Nino Yap

Focus on Daniel Benjamin’s newest shooting in Sentosa Singapore , shot by talented Nino Yap. Sentosa is basically a big island of man-made activities geared for tourists and Singaporeans looking for a weekend mini-escape from the big city.


‘Restraint’ is the main title by photographer Alisson Marks and stylist Stefano Guerrini featuring model Simone Cacciatore who worn garments like A.N.G.E.L.O. AntPitagora, Modus Vivendi, Levi’s vintage among others. Stylist assistant by Enrico Dal Corno.

Masculine vulnerability Borja Navarro shot by Álvaro Gracia

How far masculine vulnerability and tenderness can go?, we are living in difficult times right now, only art works can save us for now. Here’s the art work of photographer Álvaro Gracia Serrano featuring model Borja Navarro Sancho shot in Barcelona. Styling by Visori Fashion Art, makeup artist by Wild van Dijk.

Private time with Elliot shot by KJ Heath for Fashionably Male

You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well I couldn’t agree more with stunning work by photographer KJ Heath shots a private portrait in his studio in Chicago to Elliot, he’s from New York City and he’s modeling some pieces from Aussiebum and WearMeUnder. The full material is reveling in exclusive for Fashionably Male.

Worth to see it: Tomás Perez by Adrián C. Martin

We can blame to photographer Adrián C. Martin for capturing this hunk sexy new comer Tomás Perez a Professional Waterpolo player and model, wearing pieces from Manus Swim, Shot in different locations of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.

This is how Alexandre Eustache shots Théo Sanchez

We are in Paris, in the studio of Alexandre Eustache and he easily flashes around capturing every single movement of 23yo model Théo Sanchez, shooting across the studio to take the best angle of Théo, his assets are bottom and legs, he has strong legs, confirming by flexing every single muscle of his leg. This is how Alexandre shots Théo with stunning captures and iconic shots.

Obsession #17 with Eian Scully

Eian Scully (Soul NYC, PRM LONDON) is the latest model to be shot by Daniel Jaems for his Obsession Series. The Canadian model (who spends most of his professional life in underwear) shows off his flexibility and talent for Yoga as he cavorts in front of the camera… The perfect combination of allure and athleticism.
Eian wears underwear from D.HEDRAL, Charlie By Matthew Zink, Todd Sandfield


The summer of 2016 has started, thousands of people go to the beach, enjoy the summer holidays, I love these images of the photographer artist Xie Ziqiu I wanted to show this, because is exquisite exhibition of male figure.

hypoxyphilia by Tabbo

Presenting for the first time to the world, we are mesmerized by new photographer named TABBO featuring Edher from BRUM models. hypoxyphilia —Erotic asphyxiation or breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal.


“Possession” is the new inspired work shot and filmed by photographer Jose Martinez featuring male model Nacho Sanchis for Fashionably Male.


The project extolling the male body. The desire aimed at changing the usual canons of art photography that indirectly discriminate against an outcrop of the stronger sex. The liberation of the male body through the demonstration of Fine poses opens an incredible amount of features, visually superior to the female body due to their natural abilities, that can not be ignored. SLEEK’N’TEARS not hesitate states of perfection in the person of men.


New model Everton from Joy Models Management is the new ‘garçon’ muse by photographer Alisson Marks, styled by talented Stefano Guerrini. Stylist’s assistant by Enrico Dal Corno.

You ready for some Richie?

You ready for some Richie? Here comes Richie Rocco looking gorgeous than ever taking part in some Motel snapped by Brian Kaminski.

Aaron Renfree by Hayden Su for Fashionably Male

Holy Moly! have you seen this pictorial? We are enchanted by the beauty of British Dancer/Choreographer Aaron Renfree photographed by Hayden Su for Fashionably Male in an exclusive. Aaron unfolds a natural way in front of the camera lens.

Ricardo in Old Havana for THE EIGHTH

Shooting in La Casa de los Marquéses de Arcos, Habana Vieja, Cuba we have this stunning manly Cuban named Ricardo wearing Lounge Boxer and the Brief in Halogen Blue by THE EIGHTH, shot by photographer Kevin Slack. We’re amazed and thrilled by the sensual appeal radiated by the model. Styling and Photography Assistant by Marlon Solomon.


The photo-art project “Geometry” is an attempt to rid the body of the familiar stereotypes, by opening the possibility of perceiving the naked body as an object of the plastic arts.

Miguel by Ángel Ruiz feat. Marcuse

The exquisite Colombian adonis Miguel Aguel dons his Marcuse Swimswear and briefs for a showstopping studio session by photographer Angel Ruiz.


New collaborative photoshoot with Russian model Mitya Ku shot by Jeremy Holden teamed up with stylist Paul dela Merced dubbed “Into The Blue”. Apparel consisted of a variety of brands ranging from ZARA, Calvin Klein, Prada & Saint Laurent.

Underwear Series: Xavier by Juliana Soo

Can’t stop staring at him!, the unnderwear series shot by Juliana Soo featuring model Xavier McKinnon from Upfront Models. teamed up in Wardrobe and MUA by Kai Yeo Zhen Hao.

BoysGetWet 2016 Summer by Adrián C. Martín

The Summer’s almost just begun and with us we received the latest contribution by talented Photographer Adrián C. Martín, featuring swimwear “Boys Get Wet”, starring by hunks Adrian HC and Esau García. Shot at Canary Islands.


We’re delighted to share with you new images from the Hong Kong based fashion photographer Antoni d’Esterre. The work comes from a new series ‘Blue’ featuring Los Angeles based model Bennett Anthony wearing pieces from the men’s streetwear brand MASS, which is produced by the Puerto Rican designer and stylist Mass Luciano.


Yeah, this hot pretty boy Alejandro Santana at Citro Models builds up his portfolio with a striking portrait series by talented photographer Afif Kattan.


After seeing this you will never forget about him! Let’s check out this hunk named Robert Blazevic, a model from Croatia, who soon is gonna be on the cover for Men’s Health Croatia, this shot taken by Mladen Blagojevic as you can see, but this is a real fitness freak and just simply a hulky hunk!!!! They did this in Belgrade, Serbia while he had to shoot another feature for Men’s Health.