The Palais Bulles of Pierre Cardin | Rufskin

Rufskin released the entitled story “The Palais Bulles of Pierre Cardin” starring by Logan Swiecki-Taylor, shot by Hubert Pierre Pouches and styling by Douglas Coats with garments by RUFSKIN

Adventures of a Tennessean: Jacob Burton by Michael Dar

Adventures of a Tennessean: Jacob Burton by Michael Dar– Exposing the new B/W shot portrait by photographer Michael Dar featuring Tennessean, left handed Piscean Jacob Burton, a beautiful male model with toned fit body, perfect inspiration to shared with you.

On Fire! The Work of Photographer Blake Ballard /PnV Feature

Enjoy pictorial work by photographer Blake Ballard an exclusive work for PnV Network, Today’s focus on Fashionably Male is the photographer aspect of Blake’s skill set. Without a doubt, Blake’s modeling experience helps him understand precisely what clients and agents are looking for in an image.

Rainy Day in Amsterdam work by Anken Berge

“It was a cloudy day, and I hate such days for shooting,” photographer Anken Berge told us about his latest series. Shot in Amsterdam, the photos focus on the intimate experience of a day spent alone in the apartment No sun, “But that day something interesting happened: Every 10 to 15 seconds, the sun would shine through clouds. As always in Amsterdam.” See more below.

15 Sexy Athletes to Keep an Eye on Rio Olympic Games 2016

Sure, they’re the best athletes in the world in terms of strength, speed and talent, but these sizzlin’ Olympians are also on top of their game when it comes to simply being hot. See who’s out to scorch the competition with their perfectly fit physiques …

17 Sexy Pictures to Introducing Justin Hughes photographed by Hayden Su

17 Sexy Pictures to Introducing Justin Hughes photographed by Hayden Su without leaving aside this wonderful place. First let me tell you Justin is a well known hot YouTuber you can subscribed to his channel down below, he also likes rollerblades, pizza and jeopardy, you can’t get enough of this sexy boy, he just divine and we really like him, he talks about everything on his channel, and you can also follow him onto snapchat where you can stalked him, alive. In a good way. Back to the 17 pictorial are very good captures by Hayden as always.

25 Inspiring Fitness Models to Follow on Instagram

From newcomers to professional athletes and fitness/celebrity trainers, these stylish and in-shape guys show off the best workout motivation on Instagram. Follow along and be inspired to work it out—the healthy way.

First and foremost Cruz Ayon by Alex Cordova

We feeling so much connection with fashion photographer living in Mexico City Alex Cordova and model Cruz Ayon from BANG! Management, first and foremost with great looks, fit body and stunning face.

Don’t skip this: Damon Nixon by Trent Pace

Where did I start? Well this is Damon Nixon, a new face, 6’2 blue eyes, captured by Trent Pace. The entire photo shoot is showing his fit body in speedo and swimsuit from Teamm8 and WearMeUnder, Damon is signed by London Management Group.

Focus On: Daniel Benjamin by Nino Yap

Focus on Daniel Benjamin’s newest shooting in Sentosa Singapore , shot by talented Nino Yap. Sentosa is basically a big island of man-made activities geared for tourists and Singaporeans looking for a weekend mini-escape from the big city.

Can’t think straight, look over here: Alexander Taptsov by Thomas Synnamon

Can’t think straight, look over here: Alexander Taptsov by Thomas Synnamon.
Ok! let’s think about it, according to Instagram, Alexander is a male model Made in Belarus who lived in Hong Kong but currently in New-York and Thomas Synnamon snapped him in this black and white session where we can see Alexander’s hot body and face. Synnamon always capturing best shots.

Spotlights on: Gabe by Jade Young

When you’re a model or photographer and your based in New York City you’ve got to work with stylist Kai Jankovic, that’s it. New sensation Gabe LaDuke gets style a la Jankovic the creative director of this project, shooting by Jade Young, apparels used by Designer Larry Underwood.


Let’s go to the East Coast of the States where this Friday 14th started Art Hearts Fashion the event in Miami Swim Week presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Extremely excited to present Ross Rossilino

Check this cheeky blonde hunk sexy based in England UK Ross Rossilino following his little instagram adventure. This pictures were taken by fashion photographer Jayden Fa.

Totally Irresistible: Gonçalo Teixeira by Marcio Farias

Fresh new pictures by photographer Marcio Farias featuring totally irresistible Gonçalo Teixeira in the beach capturing the natural scent including his sexy flaws. Horns coming around in his flat stomach. A really nice beach session, photography assisted by Ricardo Nogueira, make up by Karina Aletto, and styling by Alex Mallet.


No way to turn this page, must see insanely sane new work “Twinz” from photographer Migle Golubickaite featuring real twins Karolis Jonaitis and Matas Jonaitis, Migle created a beautiful natural portrait showing off the beauty of this sexy shirtless twins, only wearing leggings from Mantas Bartkus.

DW Chase glows in Charlie by MZ shot by Gilbert Sosa | Exclusive

With only 18yo a Houston High School Filmmaker already won an award filming music videos. He is really starting to do some great things. And already has found himself in Los Angeles. Let’s meet the exclusive work for Fashionably Male, Gilbert Sosa featuring model DW Chase glowing in metallic Charlie by MZ ‘Lifeguard cut briefs’.


Inspired by Post-Apocalyptic films, where society lives an anti utopia of injustice, disease and survival of who’s the strongest. From fashion designer Gus de la Cruz titled his collection “Dystopia” featuring photography by Chris Femat.

Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

Calvin Klein unveiled its Fall/Winter 2016 campaign, featuring Frank Ocean, James Rodríguez, Collin Hargrave, Ezra Kahn, Presley Gerber, Keith Ape, Lucas Bin, Henry Rollins, Young Thug, Mark Maceachen, Yung Lean, Cameron Dallas, Yung Beef and many more, photographed by Tyrone Lebon.

Private time with Elliot shot by KJ Heath for Fashionably Male

You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well I couldn’t agree more with stunning work by photographer KJ Heath shots a private portrait in his studio in Chicago to Elliot, he’s from New York City and he’s modeling some pieces from Aussiebum and WearMeUnder. The full material is reveling in exclusive for Fashionably Male.

Boyfriend Material: Gui Trestini by Renato Gama

Excited to present boyfriend material, Guilherme Trestini signed by The One Agency, a Brazilian model hunk and actor posing in a beautiful beach scenario. Shot by photographer Renato Gama.