The Weekend and I

Perfection to me When weekdays are grey The week is an open door I wait it away And then I’m in town There’s nothing that I can do I can’t run away – there’s nothing to say Because the weekend and I We’re friends, and tonight It’s on, […]

Jesus Luz…

Jesus Pinto da Luz (in italiano il suo nome potrebbe essere tradotto come “Gesù pulcino di luce”[2]) (Rio De Janeiro, 15 gennaio 1987) è un modello brasiliano. Figlio di una parrucchiera e di un impiegato[2], Jesus Luz ottiene il primo contratto per una agenzia di moda nel 2005 […]

Who’s Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Rodney Reynolds (born October 23, 1976)[1] is a Canadian television and film actor. He is best known for his roles in comedy and romantic films such as National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Waiting…, Just Friends, Definitely Maybe, and The Proposal as well as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. […]