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Welcome to our July 2020 Issue 06 with 10 stunning models.

In an America, seemingly ripping apart at the seams, we all look for hope. As we battle the COVID-19 pandemic and policy brutality simul- taneously, we also look to dramatic change and heightened energy in the Black Lives Matter movement while also pushing forward with gay rights during Pride month, where celebrations have mostly been canceled.
Indeed, we’re a world troubled with pain as 2020 has gone off the rails: but I reflect back to another time when chaos was the menu of the day, 1968. The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis that year. Hope seemed defeated during those disillusioned and disheartening days. Civil rights had taken a blow. Elvis was a big fan of Dr. King, and the assassina- tion was only nine miles from Graceland, Elvis’ home. 
He commissioned Brown to write a song celebrating the speeches, wisdom, and hope of Dr. King in June, 1968. It proved to be one of El- vis most poignant songs…with powerful vocals that seemed to scream from inside. 
His back-up singers were in tears when he recorded his first studio cut. They had never seen him so moved In an era of social distancing, I don’t think anyone could have foreseen how cities, many months into stay-at-home orders, could have awakened so abruptly and jarringly. 
George Floyd has stirred the echoes of MLK’s prophetic dream of social and criminal justice. Let’s not let this echo land in darkness and make sure it continues to resonate squarely into the light of day. 
We the people had grown too complacent in formulating our more perfect union…in fact, systemic inequality was still rampant in a society where ironically freedom is our favorite word. 
There are those who want to divide and conquer America; the stakes are too high to allow this. Let’s not make America broken. RISE UP…peace- fully…and let ALL of our brothers and sisters walk hand in hand to make MLK’s dream come true..right now. ––Tom Peaks (Editor)

‘Summer Edition’ takes us into a western trip to Davie Florida, USA; where Chris Anderson from Wimbley Management is our western cowboy, pics by Reel Max Photos.

See the behind the scenes and official images. Peter Saffa from Global System 1 Management comes back in pictures of Steven Schmidt. Also Peter Engeman represented by the same agency is photographed by Steven.

Then we have the studio photography of Christopher James and model Taylor Rutzki which is fascinating.

The new model and face Ryan Tihinen is here in photography by Aldrin del Carmen. Also the presentation of model Seth Edeen is here with us in shots by Adrian Medina, see behind-the-scenes videos. Continuing with new face represented by DT Models Ben Crofchick pictures by Mazi Shams. Following by beefcake model Dillan Jackson shots by Tyson Vick in Montana.

Presenting the sensation model Alex Mitchell from DT Models shots by Andrew Gin. Ending with a stunning work of Peter D. Brown and model Stevie-Ray Vance and exclusive interview.

This season Summer Edition includes 10 models and 132 pages of hotness! Get your print or digital copy today!


PnV Fashionablymale Magazine Issue 06

By Fashionably Male

132 pages, published 7/7/2020

Welcome to Summer July 2020 Issue 06 with 10 hot male models and 132 pages of great content. Full color, black and white photography and a lot of testosterone.


We thank to Editor Tom Peaks from @MrPeaksnValleys and Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV and layout graphic designer and photographer Tyson Vick @tysonvickphotography.

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