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Berluti Face Fancy fashion Haute Couture Male Model Masculine men's fashion Paris Fashion Week style stylish

Berluti Spring/Summer 2017 Paris

As a result, Berluti’s spring collection was a design team effort, riffing off the brand’s signatures Sartori helped establish: the traveler blouson, featuring an inside back pocket, this time rendered in butter-soft lambskin; the jersey-knit polo; the denim field jacket; knitted blazers so thin they could pass for shirts, and a series of hybrids from the accessories department, such as a new skateboard trainer called Matteo.

Berluti Face Fancy fashion Haute Couture Male Model Masculine men's fashion model Paris Fashion Week Runways style stylish

Berluti Fall/Winter 2016 Paris

What does it signify when you show your first five looks in darkness so inkily profound that all the audience can see is the barest underlit shadow of your brogue-trainers and bronze-capped, abstractly stitched formals? Answer: You are either atrociously, delusionally arrogant, or you are rather brilliant—and confident enough to know it. And perhaps you are the creative director of a brand rooted in shoes. Happily for the balance of critical karma, in this case the answer was the latter.

10 Men Magazine released it Spring 2015 Issue entitled "Youth" photographed by Dario Catellani with Fashion Editor by Hector Castro, starring by models Lucas at Scoop, Jason Ellis at Elite London, Robbi at Tomorrow is Another Day and Willis at Select. Styled in fashion and luxury garments like Versace, Martin Margiela, Calvin Klein, Dries Van Noten, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, McQ, Lanvin, among others.