Aggie in the Big Apple: Ross Lovell by Rick Day

If being a college student isn’t hard enough, a lot of guys juggle their studies and their careers. Recently Texas A&M student, Ross Lovell, spent some time in the Big Apple shooting with the incredible Rick Day. Here’s a sample of those amazing shots!

… and finally Jockstrap by Alexander COBB®

Originally invented as an underwear for bike jockeys, jockstrap cut has become more and more popular those days. Alexander COBB® jockstrap combines sport function-based design with modern fashion trends. Great for athletes and for active men who choose to wear them as daily underwear. Great fit and bottom lift. As a part of Alter Ego…

Hypnotized new shots with hunk Alexey by Karim Konrad

Come with us, and enjoy this new hypnotized new shots with hunk Alexey Golikov shooting in Shanghai by mastermind Karim Konrad. Hundreds of guys are hitting to Asia to work as models, Asia agencies are resquesting everyday for more new faces to work for. Alexey is the real average cute sexy with brown hair kind of…

Our #1 Guy is Cody Callahan shot by Blake Ballard | PnV Network

Cody Callahan and Blake Ballard are both moving very quickly in the world of modeling. A gorgeous model and a very talented photographer have combined for some incredible photos. While in LA recently Cody reached out to Blake about a possible shoot. They got together that day and walked through Blake’s neighborhood and produced some brilliant photos. The results are amazing!

How to Turn You On with 18 sexy pics of Dennis by Artpole Photography

How to turn you on with 18 sexy pics of Dennis by Artpoleph + video, yeah! Don’t go anywhere just roll down your mouse and see how this sexy Gogo Dancer and Mr Gay Netherlands will lit your fire with this stunning photos taken by Artpole Photography at Valencia in Spain. Intimate portrait where you can feel freedom to see how he’s turning you on.

Just drop it here: Tim Warring by Florian Grey

No risk no glory, strong words using on the work of every person included here: from Kult Models Agency we have Tim Warring a 6’1 fit along hair- blue/green eyes beauty snapped by photographer Florian Grey

Rainy Day in Amsterdam work by Anken Berge

“It was a cloudy day, and I hate such days for shooting,” photographer Anken Berge told us about his latest series. Shot in Amsterdam, the photos focus on the intimate experience of a day spent alone in the apartment No sun, “But that day something interesting happened: Every 10 to 15 seconds, the sun would shine through clouds. As always in Amsterdam.” See more below.

“When in Brooklyn” Story featuring Aurélien Muller by Riccardo Vimercati

Top model Aurelien Muller at One Management shot by Photographer Riccardo Vimercati for the story “When in Brooklyn”, stylist: Romina Herrera Malatesta, grooming by Enrico Mariotti | Photographer Assistant’s: Leonardo Ventura and Sidney Bensimon | Stylist Assistant’s: Carolyn Brennan, Caitlin Cowger and Giorgia Fuzio | Casting: Roger Inniss | Production: Louis Agency

17 Sexy Pictures to Introducing Justin Hughes photographed by Hayden Su

17 Sexy Pictures to Introducing Justin Hughes photographed by Hayden Su without leaving aside this wonderful place. First let me tell you Justin is a well known hot YouTuber you can subscribed to his channel down below, he also likes rollerblades, pizza and jeopardy, you can’t get enough of this sexy boy, he just divine and we really like him, he talks about everything on his channel, and you can also follow him onto snapchat where you can stalked him, alive. In a good way. Back to the 17 pictorial are very good captures by Hayden as always.

A Bad Pretty Boy: Canadian Adam Dawda /PnV Interview

Adam Dawda runs the gamut from bad boy to pretty boy to geek. You can certainly find a little bit of all these traits in him. I’ve known Adam for about 3 years and interviewed him previously. He’s always been a forthcoming and interesting subject.

Focus On: Daniel Benjamin by Nino Yap

Focus on Daniel Benjamin’s newest shooting in Sentosa Singapore , shot by talented Nino Yap. Sentosa is basically a big island of man-made activities geared for tourists and Singaporeans looking for a weekend mini-escape from the big city.

Tighty whities with Jeci Would by Armando Adajar

Tighty whities with Jeci Would by Armando Adajar What nerds like me wear, boxer-wearers usually bully anyone caught wearing tighty whities a wedgie. Photography by Armando Adajar featuring model Jeci Would for Wood Underwear.

La Solitude | Jeff Langan by Alex Jackson

Work by Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer Alex Jackson featuring Jeff Langan from DT Models wearing garments from Emporio Armani, Zara, Diesel and swim by Charlie by MZ. Grooming by Julie Brooks

Masculine vulnerability Borja Navarro shot by Álvaro Gracia

How far masculine vulnerability and tenderness can go?, we are living in difficult times right now, only art works can save us for now. Here’s the art work of photographer Álvaro Gracia Serrano featuring model Borja Navarro Sancho shot in Barcelona. Styling by Visori Fashion Art, makeup artist by Wild van Dijk.

Extremely excited to present Ross Rossilino

Check this cheeky blonde hunk sexy based in England UK Ross Rossilino following his little instagram adventure. This pictures were taken by fashion photographer Jayden Fa.