17 Sexy Pictures to Introducing Justin Hughes photographed by Hayden Su

17 Sexy Pictures to Introducing Justin Hughes photographed by Hayden Su without leaving aside this wonderful place. First let me tell you Justin is a well known hot YouTuber you can subscribed to his channel down below, he also likes rollerblades, pizza and jeopardy, you can’t get enough of this sexy boy, he just divine and we really like him, he talks about everything on his channel, and you can also follow him onto snapchat where you can stalked him, alive. In a good way. Back to the 17 pictorial are very good captures by Hayden as always.


This is the first official submission made by NYC based photographer Frank Louis a portrait photographer specialized in women and men beauty, his work is stunning, can seen in every spot, blog and thousand of magazines. His first submission is entitled “Behind Every Well Dressed Man” featuring male model Rhyan Atrice possessing real modeling skills to give every single shot perfectly well done.


Russia with love, from AURORA Models agency. His name is Vasily, besides a model he is a kick boxer as well! Titled work RED TRIANGLE by Mladen in St. Petersburg, biggest rubber factory and now completely abandoned! The Location is amazing, same as everything else in Russia! Everything just has to be BIG!

Don’t skip this: Damon Nixon by Trent Pace

Where did I start? Well this is Damon Nixon, a new face, 6’2 blue eyes, captured by Trent Pace. The entire photo shoot is showing his fit body in speedo and swimsuit from Teamm8 and WearMeUnder, Damon is signed by London Management Group.

Can’t think straight, look over here: Alexander Taptsov by Thomas Synnamon

Can’t think straight, look over here: Alexander Taptsov by Thomas Synnamon.
Ok! let’s think about it, according to Instagram, Alexander is a male model Made in Belarus who lived in Hong Kong but currently in New-York and Thomas Synnamon snapped him in this black and white session where we can see Alexander’s hot body and face. Synnamon always capturing best shots.

Must see these mighty 32 shots taken by Sean P. Watters you will never forget

Must see these mighty 32 shots taken by Sean P. Watters you will never forget cause they are amazing, have the classic style from Watters his only way to capture every shot. In this time he worked with Fusion Models based in NY featuring these guys the blond one is Miles Montierth and the brunette is Tres Wuerffel. Both from Fusion. All clothes are by Rafi and Olga and TOPMAN.

We’re fascinating by Tel-Aviv new face Moshe Ben-Ezer shot by Nir Slakman

We’re fascinating by Tel-Aviv new face Moshe Ben-Ezer shot by Nir Slakman. Since some couple of days behind we’re posting about Tel-Aviv fashion designers and now is the time to showing off new faces we’re fascinating by the stunner new face of Moshe Ben-Ezer a real hunk with a beautiful toned body. Portrayed by Nir Slakman.

Tighty whities with Jeci Would by Armando Adajar

Tighty whities with Jeci Would by Armando Adajar What nerds like me wear, boxer-wearers usually bully anyone caught wearing tighty whities a wedgie. Photography by Armando Adajar featuring model Jeci Would for Wood Underwear.


‘Restraint’ is the main title by photographer Alisson Marks and stylist Stefano Guerrini featuring model Simone Cacciatore who worn garments like A.N.G.E.L.O. AntPitagora, Modus Vivendi, Levi’s vintage among others. Stylist assistant by Enrico Dal Corno.


We choose the best pictures always, but I couldn’t resist to post and talk about a real man, a man who removed his clothes with no shame at all to give the very best angles, oh and what a body! This is the work by Martin Fernandez featuring newcomer Gonzalo Nicolas, some garments by Carlos Veralli. Shots taken at Panda Studio.

Extremely excited to present Ross Rossilino

Check this cheeky blonde hunk sexy based in England UK Ross Rossilino following his little instagram adventure. This pictures were taken by fashion photographer Jayden Fa.

Private time with Elliot shot by KJ Heath for Fashionably Male

You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well I couldn’t agree more with stunning work by photographer KJ Heath shots a private portrait in his studio in Chicago to Elliot, he’s from New York City and he’s modeling some pieces from Aussiebum and WearMeUnder. The full material is reveling in exclusive for Fashionably Male.

Sergey Franko for #NothingButJeans by Serge Lee

#NothingButJeans We have the new series of by photographer Serge Lee, featuring this time muscle male model Sergey Franko this sexy fitness model is chosen by Serge Lee, practically Sergey got the perfect sexy look, shirtless giving that sexy look to the lens. Don’t forget to see the video and also the latest series.

Boyfriend Material: Gui Trestini by Renato Gama

Excited to present boyfriend material, Guilherme Trestini signed by The One Agency, a Brazilian model hunk and actor posing in a beautiful beach scenario. Shot by photographer Renato Gama.

Model Arturo Beltran by Miguel Valencia in “Breakdown”

Presenting for the first time in Fashionably Male, the work of visionary photographer Miguel Valencia featuring for the first time Arturo Beltran from Paragon Models, titled “Breakdown” the work is styling in beautiful garments by Alai Goyenechea.

Worth to see it: Tomás Perez by Adrián C. Martin

We can blame to photographer Adrián C. Martin for capturing this hunk sexy new comer Tomás Perez a Professional Waterpolo player and model, wearing pieces from Manus Swim, Shot in different locations of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.

This is how Antonio Medina is photographed by Michael Silis

Introducing new face in a new month from Paragon Models (CDMX) Antonio Medina, a young man millennial possesing a real natural beauty. The photographer indicated to immortalize the handsome boy was Michael Silis, styled by César Vazquez.

This is how Alexandre Eustache shots Théo Sanchez

We are in Paris, in the studio of Alexandre Eustache and he easily flashes around capturing every single movement of 23yo model Théo Sanchez, shooting across the studio to take the best angle of Théo, his assets are bottom and legs, he has strong legs, confirming by flexing every single muscle of his leg. This is how Alexandre shots Théo with stunning captures and iconic shots.

How to be Hot AF like Giovanni Bonamy / shot Lawrence Cortez

One thing I’ll let you know dude, this handsome young gentleman still magnetized people from all over the world. Giovanni Bonamy shot outdoors in NY by photographer Lawrence Cortez. The Soul Artist Model & Scouting One featured in streetwear brands like All Saints & Tigha.

Underwear Series: Martin Atanasov by Juliana Soo

Let’s start this Sunday/Fun day morning motivational with undies series now with this sexy stud named Martin Atanasov from Upfront Models shot by photographer Juliana Soo who caring about choosing garments for Martin using H&M, Armani underwear, bershka, 24:01 jacket, bata sandals.

♦2 BECOME 1♦ by Indestructible Factory for Fashionably Male

♦2 BECOME 1♦ is the work photographed by creative duo Spanish based photographer Víctor Guillén and styled by J.J. Ortiz aka Indestructible Factory featuring ginger brothers Iosu y Julen Martinez to stars this new stunning work. Make Up and Hair stylist by Ana Mimbrero. Featuring brands Milana Bonita, Hosoi and BTW | CTW.


Testing shoot with new model Sean Barnes from Wilhelmina (Canada), grooming by Trevor Sarginson, photography and styling by Jamie Mann.

“The Edgeling” by Matt Kulisch Photography

I couldn’t go without posting this work. I’d like to introduce you this editorial titled “The Edging” a work shot by Matthew D. Kulisch, the editorial features queer actor/director, Derek Villanueva, shot by me near Cape Flattery, WA back in April 2016.

hypoxyphilia by Tabbo

Presenting for the first time to the world, we are mesmerized by new photographer named TABBO featuring Edher from BRUM models. hypoxyphilia —Erotic asphyxiation or breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal.

PnV Network Interview: The Determined Cory Bower

PnV Network Interview: The Determined Cory Bower. There’s nothing like youthful enthusiasm and Cory Bower has it in spades. Although he’s relatively new to the business, Cory is ready to face it head on.


“Possession” is the new inspired work shot and filmed by photographer Jose Martinez featuring male model Nacho Sanchis for Fashionably Male.


The project extolling the male body. The desire aimed at changing the usual canons of art photography that indirectly discriminate against an outcrop of the stronger sex. The liberation of the male body through the demonstration of Fine poses opens an incredible amount of features, visually superior to the female body due to their natural abilities, that can not be ignored. SLEEK’N’TEARS not hesitate states of perfection in the person of men.


New model Everton from Joy Models Management is the new ‘garçon’ muse by photographer Alisson Marks, styled by talented Stefano Guerrini. Stylist’s assistant by Enrico Dal Corno.

Color palet study for Etnos

Photographer Ivan Sanchez kindly shares new portrait with model Christian Salmonson a beautifully portrayed in this painting theme, where we can appreciate the beauty of Christian. This collaboration between Ivan and Christian explores sensuality of a male model.

‘TRENDS’ | WINQ Magazine

”Trends” showcases upcoming model Erik van Seventeren from Republic Men in the must-have clothes to wear this summer. Erik is wearing Dolce & Gabbana, Katie Eary, Richard James, Dior Homme, Paul Smith and Missoni to name a few.

“L’avenir est proche” by Afif Kattan

“L’avenir est proche” is the exquisite work by photographer Afif Kattan featuring newcomer Cruz Ayon from BANG! Management, based in Mexico City over some roof top.