You ready for some Richie?

You ready for some Richie? Here comes Richie Rocco looking gorgeous than ever taking part in some Motel snapped by Brian Kaminski.

7 Hunks by Michael Stokes

A sexy soldier (Jared), a hunk model (Jason), a sexy blue navy guy (Miles), a sexy basketball player (Paul), a hunk dude marine (Quentin), a badass hunk racer (Richard Rocco) and a sexy stud sailor (Richie) all these 7 hunks captured by photographer Michael Stokes are in his facebook fan page. Enjoy!

Richard Rocco by Michael Stokes

His name is Richard Americo Rocco known as well as Richard Rocco. He’s a combat veteran returned from Iraq and he has survived multiple roadside bombs and has seen a lot of death and destruction. Richard has working with photographer Michael Stokes who I found on his fan page. And now he’s a male model…