EXCLUSIVE FOR FASHIONABLY MALE The very stunning NYC based model Rob Eco a couple weeks ago he flight to Hollywood and gets a portfolio update from photographer Ray John Pila, teamed up with young lady Marrion Onsette, provided me with some spectacular images where Rob looks stunning and sexy in Baskit wear. And now he’s offering Live online training via #skype, contact him http://projecteco.typepad.com/ http://www.rayjohnpila.com http://www.raypila.com http://www.modelmayhem.com/1195332 http://www.facebook.com/rayjohnpila http://www.coroflot.com/raypila http://www.south747.com Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: ROB ECO BY RAY JOHN PILA

Rob Eco by John Falocco

Photographer John Falocco introduces a splendid captures from NYC based actor/model Rob Eco, wearing hot pieces from John Falocco Swimwear Line Collection.  We must see Rob more often, he’s definitely got it! I am Rob Eco. New York City native. Fan of all things beautiful. I strongly believe in taking care of yourself. I am a fitness enthusiast and ISSA certified personal trainer. I find pleasure in training personally as well as helping people change their own lives through diet and exercise. Having love for what you do translates into positivity success. I began modeling several years ago and have shot … Continue reading Rob Eco by John Falocco