It’s Time to Open up

Its Time to Open Up: Today I like to talk to you about opening up. So many of us go through life closed up a bit. We don’t open up and much as we like to you because of insecurities, what happened to us in the past, what he or she might have said to us years ago that stuck with us even to this very day. Today …I’m saying that its time for you to open up! Just like a beautiful rose when it opens up, it displays all of of its glory, all of its pride, all of its wonderness. Today is the day to understand that life is to short to dwell on the past, to short, to say I wish I could, to short to say what if they don’t like me and to short to say what if I fail. “It’s Time To Open Up” just like that beautiful rose its time for you to open up and show the world your glory, your pride and your wonderness. God bless you.

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