The Boy with the Broken Halo by Sean P. Watters

When I met Zach King a few years ago, he had just turned 18. Shy and a bit unsure of his beauty, he still took unquestionably beautiful photographs. So, here we are a few years later. Now, Zach is this strapping adonis at almost 6’2″, crystal blue eyes and a devilish pout. I thought what better way to show the world that he is now a man and ready for anything that comes his way by having him pose in the altogether.

I reached out with my story concept to one of my favorite magazine’s to shoot for, Peter, Tom & Dave. So, once approved, we were on our way to shoot something a bit out of the box for me and Zach. I wanted it to be sexy but young and fresh. So, I shot on location at fellow photographer’s Paul Reitz’s abode. He has so much daylight and great energy in his space that I thought that this would be a great space to have Zach just be Zach in his own skin . . . and a Kenneth Cole leather jacket too.  I thought that the story title was very appropriate for Zach’s new found confidence in his beauty.

I shot Zach in a style that would evoke old photographs found in a box in the attic type of feel. For one day, Zach will look back on these photographs with his kids and say, ‘Damn, your dad was hot!’.


(Thanks to George of Citizen for sending Zach my way; Thanks to Lucas for going with my idea for the magazine; Big thanks to Paul for opening his home to me on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And, of course, big ups to Mr. King for trusting me. To see this story in its entirety, please check outPeter, Tom & Dave online.)

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Excellent photographer Sean P. Watters


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