The “it” Factor

Arran Sly, Bastian Thiery, Jacob Morton, Jake Shortall, Jakub Nowocien, Max Rendell, Simon Sabbah and Tarik Lakehal, photographed by Frederik Heyman and styled by Lotta Volkova Adam for the new Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Vogue Hommes Japan.

20120319-060616 p.m..jpg

20120319-060628 p.m..jpg

20120319-060644 p.m..jpg

20120319-060656 p.m..jpg

20120319-060707 p.m..jpg

20120319-060729 p.m..jpg

20120319-060741 p.m..jpg

20120319-060752 p.m..jpg

20120319-060801 p.m..jpg

20120319-060810 p.m..jpg

20120319-060818 p.m..jpg

20120319-060828 p.m..jpg

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