Jonatan Frenk captured by Christian Oita and styled by Ingo Nahrwold with pieces from Prada, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela and more, for the March 2012 issue of ATTITUDE magazine.

20120325-115109 a.m..jpg

20120325-115123 a.m..jpg

20120325-115133 a.m..jpg

20120325-115143 a.m..jpg

20120325-115153 a.m..jpg

20120325-115204 a.m..jpg

20120325-115212 a.m..jpg

20120325-115219 a.m..jpg

20120325-115230 a.m..jpg

20120325-115238 a.m..jpg

20120325-115250 a.m..jpg

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