The Space In Between, a project by spanish designer Victor Tur. Structured by an editorial and a video for introducing his final graduate collection entitled ‘The Man Who Ate Crystal Flesh’ with power, distress and darkness as concept.

This series puts us in the house of a Majorcan painter based in NY, in which model and environment work together to get the contrast we wanted: the darkness and loneliness. The location, Mallorca, with a decadent atmosphere, surrounding Thomas F. – the model -, with the concepts around which this collection turns: to revolve, to keep and to restrict.

20120325-105836 a.m..jpg

20120325-105858 a.m..jpg

20120325-105911 a.m..jpg

20120325-105922 a.m..jpg

20120325-105941 a.m..jpg

20120325-105953 a.m..jpg

20120325-110001 a.m..jpg

20120325-110010 a.m..jpg

20120325-110018 a.m..jpg

20120325-110030 a.m..jpg

20120325-110038 a.m..jpg

20120325-110047 a.m..jpg

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