Humbert by Sbastien

Humbert (Francina Models) by Sbastien for FUCKING YOUNG.

Photographer: Sbastien http://www.sbastien.com
Photographer Assisted Sergio Moles
Model: Humbert (Francina Models)
Clothes: American Apparel, Happy Socks.

20120331-064324 p.m..jpg

20120331-064329 p.m..jpg

20120331-064334 p.m..jpg

20120331-064354 p.m..jpg

20120331-064359 p.m..jpg

20120331-064403 p.m..jpg

20120331-064408 p.m..jpg

20120331-064412 p.m..jpg

20120331-064416 p.m..jpg

20120331-064421 p.m..jpg

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