Do the hustle! By Jason Kim

Miles McMillan [DNA] and Matt Clunan [Ford] are photographed by Jason Kim and styled by Grant Woolhead in the 70s inspired denim story ‘Do The Hustle!’ for the May 2012 issue of OUT, with hair by Wesley O’Meara and makeup by Ralph Siciliano.

20120417-085910 p.m..jpg

20120417-085924 p.m..jpg

20120417-085934 p.m..jpg

20120417-085942 p.m..jpg

20120417-085946 p.m..jpg

20120417-085953 p.m..jpg

20120417-085958 p.m..jpg

20120417-090002 p.m..jpg

20120417-090006 p.m..jpg

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