Jake Shortall & Tiago Pinheiro by Jolijn Snijders

Jake Shortall and Tiago Pinheiro lensed by Jolijn Snijders and styled by Jordy Huinder for the issue #2 of I Love Fake.

20120422-114600 a.m..jpg

20120422-114605 a.m..jpg

20120422-114609 a.m..jpg

20120422-114614 a.m..jpg

20120422-114619 a.m..jpg

20120422-114623 a.m..jpg

20120422-114626 a.m..jpg

20120422-114630 a.m..jpg

20120422-114641 a.m..jpg

20120422-114646 a.m..jpg

20120422-114651 a.m..jpg

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