By the window with… Daniel Molitor

This past week has been busy in the old Harlem Studio and abroad. Many upcoming editorials about to hit the newsstands via internet and, well, actual newsstands. Also, I got to work with some,  new-to-me, AMAZING talent from models to stylists to make-up artists. It has been a blessed week. Among the fray of great experiences lies a young new model by the name of Daniel Molitor (Major). Sweet, quiet, and polite, Daniel’s beauty sneaks up on you. It was a nice way to spend my rainy Sunday morning. And, did I mention that Daniel is a musician too? We had great music all morning.Thanks Daniel. And, thanks Earnest for sending him my way. A fitting way to start off my week, nice, quiet and filled with beauty. Happy Monday Everybody. Taken from the Sean P. Watters‘ wordpress.

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