Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Michael Tintiuc models his own clothing label in an editorial for FUCKINGYOUNG!. We’ve featured Michael’s previous works as a model, and now we’re glad to introduce his latest body of work as designer.

Photographer: Mark Andrew
Illustrations: Kate Neckel
Post production: LIRFON’S
Model: Michael Tintiuc
Clothes: Models’ own

20120505-112606 a.m..jpg

20120505-112616 a.m..jpg

20120505-112626 a.m..jpg

20120505-112635 a.m..jpg

20120505-112640 a.m..jpg

20120505-112647 a.m..jpg

20120505-112658 a.m..jpg

20120505-112710 a.m..jpg

20120505-112720 a.m..jpg

20120505-112732 a.m..jpg

20120505-112804 a.m..jpg

20120505-112815 a.m..jpg

20120505-112744 a.m..jpg

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